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Quanta-Ray Pro


  • Repetition rates from 1 to 100 Hz and energies in excess of 2500 mJ/pulse
  • Fast Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics
  • Computer interface and versatile GUI

Quanta-Ray Pro Series Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

Quanta-Ray® Nd:YAG lasers are recognized world wide for their unsurpassed performance, reliability and quality. The Quanta-Ray Pro Series are oscillator plus amplifier YAG lasers featuring a dual rod oscillator pump chamber configuration. This proprietary design provides compensation for thermally-induced birefringence in the YAG rod, providing an output beam quality that is unique on the market.

Newly incorporated modern digital signal processing (DSP) electronics into all Quanta-Ray YAG lasers provide a number of advantages for users.

  • A direct digital interface and GUI enhances the reliability and convenience of using Quanta-Ray Pro, maximizing the time spent doing experiments.
  • Variable repetition rates are now possible with digital control. This digital control lets the user set the rep rate to integer-fractions of the lamp pulse frequency. Thus, the thermal steady-state in the resonator is maintained by a constant flash lamp frequency, but the rep rate of the light output can be varied.
  • The digitally-controlled DivergenceLok™ accessory allows the ability to extend flash lamp lifetimes. This feature also maintains the quality and divergence properties of the beam over an extended period of use by compensating for the natural decay in lamp efficiency as a function of accumulated shots.
  • The DivergenceLok feature also stabilizes the thermal balance in the Nd:YAG gain medium. Changes in output beam polarization over time are avoided, with the result that both the efficiency of harmonic generation and the higher harmonic beam shapes remain constant during the course of an experiment.
  • Additionally, our unique BeamLok accessory for active beam pointing stabilization can now be set and monitored directly from your PC.

The traditional features and advantages that have made Quanta-Ray the world's leading pulsed Nd:YAG laser are still integral to our design philosophy for laser quality. These features include dual-rod oscillators, gold-coated elliptical pump chambers, internal sealed beam path and high-damage-threshold optics from Spectra-Physics’ advanced coatings lab.