CW Wavelength Extenders

With various configurations of the Matisse®, WaveTrain® doubler, and MixTrain™ frequency mixer, Spectra-Physics offers an all solid state solution for wavelengths ranging from 206 nm to 4.5 µm.

  • WaveTrain 3D is an advanced stand-alone device that provides simple frequency doubling of single frequency CW laser beams. With greater efficiency than traditional intra-cavity or extra-cavity methods, this product can be used to generate the second harmonic of the output of Matisse® series lasers, as well as to generate harmonics of the output from MixTrain and WaveTrain modules.
  • MixTrain enables sum or difference frequency mixing of single frequency CW laser beams in periodically polled crystals. High mixing efficiencies are achieved by precision temperature control to ensure optimal quasi-phase matching over the entire tuning range of the Matisse 2.

Description Wavelength Range Power
WaveTrain 3D
External cavity frequency doubler for CW lasers
412-1600 nm 300-10,000 mW
Sum and difference frequency mixer for tunable CW lasers
1120-4200 nm 10-200 mW