Flat Panel Display Manufacturing

Elevating FPD Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of lasers for the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPD) including OLED and LCD. Our lasers are proven in a wide range of FPD applications including glass cutting/drilling, ITO patterning, repair and marking. We deliver a broad portfolio of highly reliable, cost-effective lasers for 24/7 flat panel manufacturing backed by our industry-leading global support organization.

  • >1,500 mm/s cutting of tempered glass and other challenging materials
  • Enhancing AMOLED and LCD repair with highest precision fs and ns lasers
  • Advancing thin film cutting, scribing with optimal cost-performance lasers

ClearShape™ Industrial Laser Cutting Process

Spectra-Physics introduces ClearShape, a patent-pending femtosecond laser process for highest quality, fast cutting of chemically strengthened glass, unstrengthened glass, and sapphire. At speeds over 1000 mm/sec, the new process results in several-fold improvement in cut quality over other laser processes: no chipping, Ra <0.1 µm edge roughness, and as-cut bending strength of >650 MPa for chemically strengthened glass. Utilizing the widely deployed Spirit® family of industrial femtosecond lasers, the new process is ideal for 24/7 manufacturing of displays and windows for mobile devices, wearables, and other demanding applications.

PI and PET Plastic Processing

The Spirit 1030-100-SHG laser system operating at wavelengths of 515 and 1030 nm has been used for cutting 75 μm thick ribbons of PI and PET plastics, typically used for flexible OLED displays. Figure 1 shows microscope images of PI and PET plastics machined using the Spirit 1030-100-SHG laser. Cutting speeds exceeding 1 m/s for both plastics were achieved when operating the laser at 100 W average power at 1030 nm. It was also possible to achieve high machining quality with minimal thermal damage (HAZ < 50 .m). The demonstrated cutting speed and quality meets the requirements of OLED display manufacturers.. Please see Newport.com for additional information on Flat Panel Display Manufacturing.

PET (left) and PI (right) polymer 75 um thick films cut with a Spectra-Physics Spirit 100 W IR fs laser
Figure 1. PET (left) and PI (right) polymer 75 um thick films cut with a Spectra-Physics Spirit 100 W IR fs laser. Cutting speed was > 1 m/s for PET and 650 mm/s for PI. Results show minimal HAZ.

Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Lasers

Application Notes

Flexible OLED Manufacturing

As the flat panel display market moves from liquid crystal display (LCD) to organic light emitting diode (OLED) display technology, laser structuring and cutting of heterogeneous materials (comprised of multiple organic material films) with high quality and accuracy is needed. Within OLED technology, substrate material is changing from glass to flexible plastics to create lighter, thinner and more durable displays. See Flexible OLED Manufacturing with High 42 Power Femtosecond Laser for additional information.

OLED Materials Processing

Manufacturing of flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays is critical for next-generation consumer electronic devices, including foldable phones. OLED displays are comprised of multiple layers of polymer materials, including polyimide, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and cyclo olefin polymer (COP). These materials are transparent to infrared and visible wavelengths and are prone to thermal damage, making them difficult to machine with conventional laser sources. See OLED Materials Processing with High Power UV Picosecond Lasers for additional information.