Technical Support

Application Planning

Our sales development personnel can provide expert advice in analyzing your application needs, including assisting you with budget planning. Our Application Labs work together with our sales development personnel to support customers on technical applications assistance. Customers can count on responsive, personalized service from our highly trained and experienced team.

Extended Laser Shutdown - Restart Procedure

For customers restarting their Mai Tai®, InSight®, Solstice® Ace™ and Spitfire® Ace™ lasers after an extended shutdown period, please see the following memos for the proper restart procedure:

Mai Tai & InSight Laser Restart Procedure
Solstice Ace & Spitfire Ace Laser Restart Procedure

Extended Laser - Shutdown Procedure

For customers not operating their Mai Tai®, InSight®, Solstice® Ace and Spitfire® Ace lasers for an extended period, please see the following memos regarding the proper procedure for shutting down these lasers:

Mai Tai & InSight Laser Shutdown Procedure
Solstice Ace & Spitfire Ace Laser Shutdown Procedure

Installation Assistance & Pre-Installation Guides

We strive to ensure smooth installation of your equipment, and advanced preparation is a key element of success. If you have ordered a Spectra-Physics stand-alone laser system or a laser system that includes other Newport equipment such as an optical table or accessories, you will receive a Pre-Installation Guide approximately one week after your order is placed. This guide will help you to prepare in advance for arrival of the laser system. Pre-Installation Guides for many of our lasers can also be found in our listing of Pre-Installation Guides. If you have not received this guide or unable to locate it in those listed online, please contact Technical Support for assistance. For our OEM customers, we can also arrange special instructions to suit your specific needs to prepare your tool. (Please note that Pre-Installation Guides are not provided with orders for Newport equipment alone.)

A certified service engineer will visit your site shortly after your system arrives to install the equipment and verify that it performs to specification. This service includes verifying the performance of Newport equipment when it is ordered with a Spectra-Physics laser system. The engineer will also review basic principles of operation of the laser and accessory equipment with you and your personnel. See additional information on various training programs available.

Customer Service Representatives

Our Customer Service Representatives have an average of over 15 years of experience in the industry. They are dedicated to ensuring that you are well taken care of. Please contact Customer Service for assistance with your system or order.

Technical Support Engineers

If further Technical Support is required, users can speak with our in-house Technical Service Engineers, who have decades of industry experience and superior technical expertise. If on-site service is required, our highly skilled team of Field Service Engineers can resolve issues in your facility. Product specialists at our Technical Support Center are thoroughly versed in the electronic and optical properties of your laser system, and are trained to diagnose most performance problems over the phone or by email exchange. Please have your model and serial numbers available when you contact Customer Service for technical support.

User Manuals

Comprehensive user manuals, which include operating and maintenance instructions, are shipped with each product. For some of our older lasers, please see our listings of selected user Manuals. Should you have trouble locating a user manual for your system, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Field Service Engineers

In the unlikely event that a visit is needed to service your system, Spectra-Physics has the industry’s most experienced, field-deployed service team equipped and ready to come to your site and bring your issue to a swift resolution. Our Field Service Centers are strategically located worldwide to respond quickly to your service needs. Please contact Customer Service to schedule a visit from a Field Service engineer.

Remote Access Capabilities

Many of our laser systems can be serviced using remote access. Please contact our service team for more details.

Newport Products Support

For questions or assistance regarding Newport equipment that has been ordered separately from a Spectra-Physics laser system, including optical tables and accessories, please contact Newport directly.