LED Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of lasers for the manufacture LEDs. Our lasers are proven in a wide range LED applications including LED scribing and lift-off, silicon scribing/dicing, and circuit trimming/repair. With thousands of UV lasers deployed in demanding LED manufacturing applications, Spectra-Physics delivers a broad portfolio of highly reliable, cost-effective lasers backed by our industry-leading global support organization.

  • Delivering highest reliability for dependable multi-year continuous production
  • Enabling lowest cost-per-part manufacturing with unprecedented cost-performance
  • Driving highest throughput with highest power, cost-effective lasers

Laser Cutting and Drilling of Ceramics

LED Scribing

As the market has grown, there has been strong demand for improved throughput and yield ratios in LED production. Laser processing has rapidly become more popular, and it is now the industry standard for processing wafers for use in high-brightness LEDs.

Laser scribing LED wafers improves yield by creating much narrower scribe lines than traditional mechanical scribing. Laser scribing is a noncontact process that reduces micro-cracking and damage to the wafer substrate. This allows the LED devices to be much more closely spaced, improving both yield and throughput, and improves the long term reliability of the LED devices.

The high peak power and excellent beam quality of Spectra-Physics lasers are ideal for scribing as they result in cleaner scribe lines, higher throughput, and higher brightness of the LED devices. Please see LED Scribing Lighting the Way Forward for additional information

LED Manufacturing Lasers