Medical Device Fabrication

Enabling the Fabrication of the Highest Precision Medical Devices

Spectra-Physics is the number one supplier of ultrafast femtosecond lasers for medical applications. With thousands of ultrafast lasers deployed in medical applications, Spectra-Physics is the proven source for high performance, cost-effective femtosecond lasers for medical device fabrication and other demanding applications. To ensure dependable operation for many years, we design, manufacture and test our ultrafast lasers to our highest standards for quality and reliability. We also manufacture a range of high quality UV lasers for precision medical device manufacturing.

  • Stents
  • Catheters
  • Prosthetics

Laser Cutting of Stents

Medical Device Fabrication Lasers

Application Notes

High Speed Processing of Plastics

Plastics are used increasingly in various industrial sectors such as medical device and organic electronics manufacturing. Medical device applications include manufacturing of implantable devices like stents, catheters and wires, which need to be structured and cut using lasers at the highest possible quality with minimum heat damage. As the flat panel display market moves from LCD to organic LED (OLED) display technology which utilize plastic materials, laser structuring and cutting of plastics with high qulity is needed. Please see High Speed Processing of Plastics with a 100 W Femtosecond Laser for additional information.

Laser Micromachining of Heat-Sensitive Polymers

Laser processing of heat sensitive polymers is finding wide use in various manufacturing sectors such as medical device and organic LED manufacturing. For example, heat sensitive, bio-absorbable polymers are increasingly used for production of bio-degradable stents. Because of the low melting temperature (usually below 200° C) of bio-absorbable polymers, any heat load to the surrounding areas during processing should be minimized. Therefore, using femtosecond (fs) pulsed lasers for micromachining of bio-absorbable polymers is highly promising due to the non-thermal nature of laser-material coupling and the possibility of structuring very small, micron-scale features Please see Laser Micromachining of Heat-sensitive Polymers using a femtosecond, high power and high energy laser  for additional information.