Tunable CW Lasers

With the widest portfolio for quantum applications, Spectra-Physics CW tunable lasers provide the tuning range, power, and line width required for challenging quantum applications.

  • The Matisse® 2 and Matisse® C state-of-the-art single frequency ultra-stable, narrow linewidth tunable ring lasers feature the industry’s highest output power, the narrowest external linewidth, the broadest tuning range.
  • The WaveTrain® 2 resonant ring frequency doubler utilizes a ring cavity to achieve harmonic efficiencies greater than 35%. WaveTrain 2 is based on a patented triangleshaped cavity configuration called the DeltaConcept®.
  • The MixTrain sum and difference frequency mixer includes beam shaping optics, polarization control, beam combination, and beam separation optics.
  • The New Focus Vortex Plus tunable external cavity diode lasers lead the market with high performance, true continuous mode-hop-free tuning over wide wavelength ranges.
Description Tuning Range Power Line Width
Matisse® 2
Ultra-narrow linewidth tunable ring laser
550–1038 nm >7.2 W as low as 30 kHz
Matisse® C
Compact ultra-narrow linewidth Ti:sapphire tunable ring laser
668–1038 nm >7.2 W  as low as 20 kHz
CW Tunable Ti:sapphire laser
675–1100 nm  >3.5 W as low as 1 GHz
Swept and step-wavelength tunable laser
835–1630 nm 2–10 dBm  >150 MHz 
Wide and fine tunable external cavity diode laser
407–2450 nm 2.5–22.5 mW <200 kHz
Vortex Plus
Precision finely tunable external cavity diode laser
455–1630 nm 8–70 mW <200 kHz
Tapered amplifier
755–920 nm 1.8 W Seed laser dependent