Spirit NOPA-3H, 2H and IR Output Specifications

Spirit-NOPA-3H Spirit-NOPA-2H Spirit-NOPA-IR
Tuning Range 520–900 nm 650–900 nm 1200–1600 nm
Pulse Energy2 0.5 µJ at 580 nm (peak);
0.25 µJ at 700 nm
3 µJ at 700 nm (peak);
1.2 µJ at 850 nm
0.6 µJ at 1300 nm;
0.3 µJ at 1500 nm
Pulse Width <30 fs at 530–670 nm;
<80 fs at 670–800 nm
<30 fs at 700–850 nm <80 fs at 1200–1600 nm

Spirit NOPA-3H, 2H and IR Optional SHG Output

Spirit-NOPA-3H Spirit-NOPA-2H Spirit-NOPA-IR
Tuning Range 260–450 nm 325–450 nm 600–800 nm
Pulse Energy2 0.05 µJ at 290 nm (peak) 0.3 µJ at 350 nm (peak) 0.06 µJ at 650 nm

Spirit NOPA-3H, 2H and IR Pump Requirements4

Spirit-NOPA-3H Spirit-NOPA-2H Spirit-NOPA-IR
Repetition Rate Single shot to 1 MHz
Wavelength 1030 nm or 1040 nm
Pulse Energy5 12–120 µJ 10–120 µJ 10–120 µJ
Max. Input Power 8 W 16 W

Typical Performance - Spirit-NOPA-VISIR

Spirit-NOPA-VISIR Pump Parameters 1300 nm Compressed Output, typical 1700 nm Compressed Output, typical
70 W at 4.3 ±0.3 MHz >2.5 W >1 W
70 W at 3 MHz >2.5 W >1 W
70 W at 2 MHz >2.5 W >1.5 W
70 W at 1 MHz >2.5 W >1.5 W

Specifications1- Spirit-NOPA-VISIR

Idler bulk compressor: >80% at 1200–2000 nm

Output Specifications
Tuning Range 650–900 nm (signal)
1200–2500 nm (idler)
Conversion Efficiency >10% at peak, when pumped at >20 µJ
(uncompressed signal + idler combined)
Pulse Width2 <350 fs uncompressed2
<70 fs at 650–900 nm with signal compressor;
<100 fs at 1200–2000 nm with idler compressor
Compressor Transmission Signal prism compressor: >65% at 650–900 nm
Idler bulk compressor: >80% at 1200-2000 nm
Optional SHG Output
Tuning Range 325–450 nm (SH of signal)
600–700 nm (SH of idler)
Pulse Energy >10% of signal/idler at peak
Optional Dual Pulse Length Configuration
Tuning Range in Long Pulse Mode 650–1025 nm (signal)
1040–2500 nm (idler)
Uncompressed output
Pump Requirements4 from Spirit 1030-70 or Spirit 1030-100
Repetition Rate Single shot to 4.3 ±0.3 MHz
Wavelength 1030 nm
Pulse Energy5 up to 100 µJ
Average Power up to 70 W


  1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.
  2. When pumped with 40 µJ at 1040 nm. For other pump levels, please contact Spectra-Physics.
  3. Compressors for signal and/or idler are options.
  4. Spirit-NOPA pump parameters are determined at the time of order and are set at the factory.
  5. Spirit-NOPA is factory optimized for one pump pulse energy only.


Compatible Power Sensors

To verify and analyze the output power of your Spirit-NOPA laser, we recommend contacting Ophir for thermal power sensor and Centauri laser power meter.  Additional information on this laser measurement equipment can be found on the website.  Other Ophir sensors and meters may also be suitable for the Spirit-NOPA, depending on application. Ophir also works with laser system developers to achieve embedded beam diagnostics to monitor system performance as an OEM solution.