• Range finding
  • Spectroscopy



Operational Mode Short Pulse Short Pulse, POD with E-Pulse
Wavelength 1064 nm
Average Output Power 10 W 20 W
Repetition Rate 35-1000 kHz 35-2500 kHz
Pulse Width, typical 3 ns 3.3 ns
Linewidth <0.1 nm
Peak Power, max 25 kW
Pulse Energy, max 75 µJ

General Parameters

Operational Voltage 12 VDC
Operating Temperature 0-50°C -5-50°C
Laser Dimensions 45 x 120 x 275 mm 52 x 120 x 276 mm
Weight 2.3 kg 2.4 kg
Wall-plug Efficiency >20%
Fiber Length 50 cm
Output Fiber Collimator 6 mm ±1 mm diameter (other options available)
Output Beam Parameters M2 <1.3


  1. Due to our continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.


Compact and Lightweight

With low weight and small size, the VGEN-SP series is easily deployed. Housed in a robust assembly that meets industrial standards and fitted with a metal armored fiber cable, VGEN-SP lasers deliver a high quality, near diffraction-limited output beam. The lasers’ solid construction is maintenance free and reliable, ensuring long-life operation at low operational cost. VGEN-SP LIDAR lasers are rugged and can stand up to the tough conditions and requirements of airborne LIDAR applications for a robust and stable platform.

Compatible Power Sensors

To verify and analyze the output power of your VGEN-SP laser, we recommend the Ophir 10A (7Z02637) or 30A-BB-18 (7Z02692) thermal power sensor and Centauri laser power meter.  Additional information on this laser measurement equipment can be found on the ophiropt.com website. Other Ophir sensors and meters may also be suitable for the VGEN-SP, depending on application. Ophir also works with laser system developers to achieve embedded beam diagnostics to monitor system performance as an OEM solution.