• Fiber sensing
  • Fiber optics testing
  • Silicon photonics testing
  • Spectroscopy
  • Metrology



Model Mode-Hop Free
Tuning Range
Output Power ASE Integrated Dynamic Range Wavelength Sweep Speed
TLB-8800-H-CL 1520-1630 nm 10 dBm >40 dB >15 dB 2-2,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-HSH-CL 1520-1600 nm 10 dBm >40 dB >15 dB 5,000-20,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-L-CL 1510-1620 nm 2 dBm >70 dB >55 dB 2-2,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-HSL-CL 1510-1600 nm 2 dBm >70 dB >55 dB 5,000-20,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-H-E 1360-1460 nm 10 dBm >40 dB >15 dB 2-2,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-H-O 1260-1340 nm 10 dBm >40 dB >15 dB 2-2,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-HSH-O 1260-1340 nm 10 dBm >40 dB >15 dB 5,000-20,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-L-O 1260-1340 nm 2 dBm >70 dB >55 dB 2-2,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-HSL-O 1260-1340 nm 2 dBm >70 dB >55 dB 5,000-20,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-H-S 1420-1520 nm 10 dBm >40 dB >15 dB 2-2,000 nm/s
TLB-8800-H-850 835-850 nm 5 dBm >40 dB N/A 5-1,000 nm/s


Power Stability (1 hr) ±0.01 dB
Power Repeatability ±0.01 dB
Power Flatness, typical <±4%
Wavelength Stability (1 hr) ±0.003 nm
Absolute Wavelength Accuracy 0.03 nm
Wavelength Repeatability 0.010 nm
Tuning Mode Swept or Step
Tuning Speed Flatness, typical <±5%
Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) >50 dBc
Relative Intensity Noise (0.1-5 GHz), typical <-145 dB/Hz
Coherence Length in Swept Mode, coherence control off >4 km
Linewidth, coherence control on2 >150 MHz
Scan Repetition Rate5 >5 Hz
(100 nm scan @ 2,000 nm/s for standard model)
>30 Hz
(80 nm scan @ 10,000 nm/s for high speed model)
Step Size Resolution, step mode 0.01 nm
Wavelength Resolution 1 pm
Fiber Optic Connector FC/APC
Fiber Type SM or PM
User Interface RS232, USB
Power Requirement 85-265 VAC (47-63 Hz), power consumption
Environment Temperature, operating 15-40°C
Environment Temperature, storage 0-50°C
Environment Humidity Non-condensing


  1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.
  2. Coherence control is user adjustable.
  3. Scan repetition rate is user adjustable by programming dwell time, sweep speed, and wavelength tuning range.


20,000 nm/second Tuning Speed

The Venturi TLB-8800 is the only swept wavelength laser with up 20,000 nm/second tuning speed and high frequency repetition rates enabling true real-time measurements. Tuning speeds, repetition rates, dwell times, and wavelength ranges are adjustable to accommodate your unique needs. In addition to wavelength sweeping, the Venturi is capable of step tuning in 0.01 nm increments. The front panel offers easy access to RS232 and USB interfacing with use of a user friendly GUI.

Tuning linearity for the model TLB-8800-H-CL1

Compatible Power Sensors

To verify and analyze the output power of your Venturi laser, we recommend the Ophir PD300-IR (7Z02412) thermal power sensor and Centauri laser power meter.  Additional information on this laser measurement equipment can be found on the ophiropt.com website.  Other Ophir sensors and meters may also be suitable for the Venturi, depending on application. Ophir also works with laser system developers to achieve embedded beam diagnostics to monitor system performance as an OEM solution.