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The Explorer series lasers are manufactured in clean rooms of ISO Class 5 Standards and better. From start to finish, the lasers are built in highly controlled manufacturing areas applying strict quality control standards and requirements. Through our implemented Data Management Tools, 100% component traceability is ensured for each laser that we build. In addition, each laser undergoes a 100% inspection test and is exposed to thermal cycling and bare product shock testing exceeding 200 g’s of acceleration as part of the manufacturing cycle. These rigorous tests eliminate out-of-the box failures and demonstrate the ruggedness and durability of the Explorer series lasers. Lean manufacturing and six-sigma methods are applied to drive continuous product improvements in our quest of developing the most reliable industrial lasers. Explorer customers benefit from the following features:

  • One footprint from IR to UV
  • One laser resonator architecture
  • One common software and TTL control interface for all models
  • Plug-and-play performance
  • Short pulse width and high peak power
  • Adjustable repetition range, average power, and pulse energy
  • Single pulse energy across the full repetition range
  • E-Pulse™ feature for consistent pulse energy and pulse width independent of the repetition rate
  • Diffraction limited mode quality with typical M2 values of <1.1
  • Lightweight, durable and rugged design ideal for laser integration onto a gantry system
  • Demonstrated product reliability for highest tool uptime and lowest cost-of-ownership

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