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Spitfire Ace


  • Revolutionary Ace
    regenerative cavity design
  • More than 16 W of output power
  • Superior mode quality
    (M2 <1.3)
  • Digital synchronization electronics

The Spectra-Physics Spitfire® Ace™ is our flagship amplifier system. It is the most technically advanced Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifier commercially available. Equipped with our proprietary Ace cavity design, the Spitfire Ace provides guaranteed long term performance, low noise and reliable day-to-day operation resulting in consistent OPA performance and nonlinear wavelength conversion for use in the most demanding ultrafast applications.

The Spitfire Ace amplifier builds upon our highly successful Spitfire platform. Every component has been carefully evaluated and selected to maximize stability. The Spitfire Ace regenerative amplifier produces an industry leading average power of more than 7 W at 1 kHz and 10 kHz, and 8 W at 5 kHz with excellent beam quality.

The Spitfire Ace PA (Power Amplifier) builds upon this highly successful platform by offering even higher energy and output power. The Spitfire Ace PA system produces more than twice the average power of the regen-only Spitfire Ace. The system offers up to >16 W average power. Thanks to the patented Ace cavity, the beam quality is excellent providing M2 <1.45 even at the highest energy configuration.

The Spitfire Ace can be seeded using Spectra-Physics’ wide range of ultrafast oscillators including Mai Tai® SP and Element™. The Mai Tai SP laser is a truly hands-free system that does not require alignment, cleaning or adjustments, and its specifications are guaranteed over an impressive 20°C temperature range. Element provides outstanding stability and can be equipped with Femtolock™ 2 to provide leading edge repetition rate stability of <100 fs jitter when synchronized to an external source.

The Spitfire Ace amplifier system is pumped with the new Ascend high power DPSS green laser, which can deliver over 60 W of average power. For highest power, the Spitfire Ace PA system is pumped using an additional Ascend laser. The combination delivers more than 120 W of average power. The Ascend pump laser produces high average power with exceptional beam quality. The low noise, DPSS design means high reliability and high performance.

The Spitfire Ace provides the most stable output available from a Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifier making the Spitfire Ace ideal for pumping multiple OPA systems and driving a wide range of nonlinear spectroscopies. The Spitfire Ace can also drive the Kaliedescope™ which delivers pulses as short as <7 fs. Achieve new levels of performance with the Spitfire Ace.