ClearShape industrial laser cutting process

  • Highest quality cutting of strengthened and unstrengthened glass and sapphire
  • High >1000 mm/s cutting speed
  • As-cut bending strength of up to >650 MPa

Spectra-Physics introduces ClearShape™, a patent-pending femtosecond laser process for highest quality, fast cutting of chemically strengthened glass, unstrengthened glass, and sapphire. At speeds over 1000 mm/sec, the new process results in several-fold improvement in cut quality over other laser processes: no chipping, Ra <0.1 µm edge roughness, and as-cut bending strength of >650 MPa for chemically strengthened glass. Utilizing the widely deployed Spirit® family of industrial femtosecond lasers, the new process is ideal for 24/7 manufacturing of displays and windows for mobile devices, wearables, and other demanding applications.

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ClearShape Applications

Strengthened glass cutting
Unstrengthened glass cutting
Multilayer glass cutting
Sapphire cutting

Lasers for ClearShape Industrial Laser Cutting Process

ProductPulse WidthPowerWavelength
Setting a new standard for high-precision femtosecond machining
<400 fs
>100 W
>70 W
>30 W
>16 W
>8 W
>120 µJ
>70 µJ
>120 µJ
>120 µJ
>40 µJ

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