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Matisse 2


  • Highest output power available >6.5 W
  • Narrowest linewidth <30 kHz
  • Field-upgradeable to dye or Ti:Sapphire gain medium
  • Wavelength tuning of resonator over 50 GHz

Matisse 2 Tunable Ring Laser

The Spectra-Physics® Matisse® 2 series is a family of state-of-the-art single frequency ultra-stable, narrow linewidth tunable ring lasers. The Matisse 2 system has the industry’s highest output power, the narrowest external linewidth, the broadest tuning range, and the most flexible architecture.

Coupled with the Millennia® eV™ pump laser, the Matisse 2 produces over 6.5 W of output power. With flexibility to be configured for either Ti:Sapphire or dye as the laser gain medium, Matisse 2 provides an unprecedented tuning of >465 nm and linewidths ranging from 20 MHz down to 30 kHz.