Matisse 2


  • Highest output power available >7.2 W
  • Narrowest linewidth <30 kHz rms
  • Field-upgradeable to dye or Ti:Sapphire gain medium
  • Widest mode-hop-free Piezo tuning of 50 GHz
  • Dust-sealed housing and massive steel baseplate

The Spectra-Physics® Matisse® 2 series is a family of state-of-the-art single frequency ultra-stable, narrow linewidth tunable ring lasers that are ideal for Quantum and AMO (atomic, molecular and optical physics) applications. The Matisse 2 system has the industry’s highest output power, the narrowest external linewidth, the broadest tuning range, and the most flexible architecture.

Coupled with the Millennia® eV™ 25 pump laser, the Matisse 2 produces over 7.2 W of output power. With flexibility to be configured for either Ti:Sapphire or dye as the laser gain medium, Matisse 2 provides an unprecedented tuning of >470 nm and linewidths down to 30 kHz, with fully integrated PDH lock to X reference cell.

Matisse 2 TR and DR

The Matisse 2 R-Series ring laser with its mechanically quiet design provides excellent passive stability and ultra-low noise, single-frequency operation. Electronically controlled wavelength-selecting elements—a birefringent filter, a thick etalon, and a thin etalon—keep the laser centered on a single longitudinal mode. This enables long, mode-hop-free wavelength scans while maintaining constant, low-noise output power levels.

The Matisse 2 TR Ti:Sapphire ring laser provides a spectral linewidth of <4 MHz and can be readily upgraded to the higher resolution Matisse 2 TS. In fact, because of its modularity, any Matisse 2 laser can be field upgraded to either a Ti:Sapphire or dye gain medium, or to a configuration with higher resolution – from an R-Series to an S-Series or an X-Series.

Matisse 2 TS and DS

The Matisse 2 S-Series actively-stabilized ring laser incorporates an external reference cavity with feedback to a cavity-length-stabilizing fast piezo-driven mirror. To guarantee a truly independent frequency feedback signal, the reference cavity is thoroughly isolated against thermal and mechanical perturbations and is fiber coupled outside the laser housing.

The Matisse 2 TS actively-stabilized Ti:Sapphire ring laser has an internal spectral linewidth of <50 kHz, while the Matisse 2 DS dye ring laser provides a spectral linewidth of <200 kHz.

Matisse 2 TX and DX

The Matisse 2 X-Series ring laser provides spectral linewidths to <30 kHz for the Ti:Sapphire active gain medium, and <100 kHz for the dye laser. This ultra-narrow linewidth is the result of very fast cavity length stabilization with a response bandwidth in the MHz range. This is achieved by use of an intra-cavity electro-optic modulator (EOM).

Also key to achieving this ultra-narrow linewidth is the feedback error signal from the external reference cavity using the Pound-Drever-Hall stabilization scheme and a high finesse external reference cavity. Pound-Drever-Hall provides an unambiguous measure of wavelength position uninfluenced by laser intensity fluctuations.

Matisse 2 TX-light

The Matisse 2 TX-light fills the linewidth gap between the Matisse 2 TS and the Matisse 2 TX. It utilizes the Pound-Drever-Hall locking technique and the high-resolution reference cavity of the TX to provide the feedback signal to the fast Piezo-driven mirror of the TS. The negligible sensitivity of the Pound-Drever-Hall method to intensity fluctuations, as well as the extremely stable locking it provides, lead to laser linewidths of less than 50 kHz.


High-resolution spectroscopy
Atom cooling and magneto-optic trapping (MOT)
Atomic clocks
Bose-Einstein condensates
Frequency combs
Quantum computing
Microcavity resonators
Quantum applications
General Characteristics Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
Laser Gain Medium Ti:Sapphire Ti:Sapphire Ti:Sapphire Ti:Sapphire Dye Dye Dye  
Linewidth5 <4 MHz rms <50 kHz rms6 <60 kHz rms6 <30 kHz rms6 <20 MHz rms6 <200 kHz rms6 <100 kHz rms6  
Spatial Mode TEM00 TEM00  
Beam Diameter2 1.4 mm (typical) 1.4 mm (typical)  
Beam Divergence7 <1 mrad <1 mrad  
Amplitude Noise <0.1% rms (above pump noise, added in quadrature) <0.5% rms  
Scan Range >50 GHz (at 780 nm) >60 GHz (at 575 nm)  
General Characteristics  Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
MOS-1 Optics Set 680–790 nm 680–790 nm 680–790 nm 690–770 nm _  
MOS-2 Optics Set 750–870 nm 750–870 nm 750–870 nm 750–870 nm _
MOS-2-BB Optics Set 730–930 nm 730–930 nm 730–930 nm 730–930 nm _  
MOS-3 Optics Set 880–1038 nm 880–1038 nm 880–1038 nm 880–1010 nm _  
MOS-4 Optics Set  _ 550–660 nm 550–660 nm 550–660 nm  
MOS-5 Optics Set  _ 650–760 nm 650–760 nm 650–760 nm  
General Characteristics  Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
Millennia eV 25 W pump 7.2 W 6.2 W 6.0 W 4.5 W  
Millennia eV 20 W pump 5.5 W 4.7 W 4.5 W 3.4 W  
Millennia eV 15 W pump 3.8 W 3.3 W 3.0 W 2.2 W  
Millennia eV 10 W pump 2.0 W 1.6 W 1.8 W 1.4 W  
Millennia eV 5 W pump 0.8 W N/A 0.8 W N/A  
General Characteristics  Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
Pump Laser Polarization Horizontal  
Pump Laser Power 5–25 W  
Ambient Conditions ±0.5°C in the 20–25°C range, non-condensing humidity conditions  
Cooling Water required to remove 20 W of heat from crystal; series connection from Millennia chiller recommended; 16–21°C ±0.1°C suggested
Dye versions: Water required to remove 100 W from dye circulator
Laboratory Vibrational isolated optical table, dust-free air (flow box)  
Electrical 100–250 VAC, max 2.5 A  
Computer Control Windows operating system  

1. Due to our continuous product improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.
2. At Matisse 2 output port.
3. Specification applies to Millennia eV 15 W, 20 W and 25 W pump lasers. Please inquire for other pump powers.
4. At 780 nm for Ti:Sapphire and at the peak of R6G dye for dye version.
5. Linewidth measurements made over a period of >100 msec.
6. Linewidths relative to built-in reference cavity.
7. Measured at half angle.
8. Extended tuning ranges available upon request. Contact Spectra-Physics.

Matisse 2 Dimensions


Matisse 2 Ti:Sapphire Optical Layout


Matisse 2 Dye Optical Layout


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