Matisse® 2


  • Highest output power available >6.5 W
  • Narrowest linewidth <30 kHz
  • Field-upgradeable to dye or Ti:Sapphire gain medium
  • Wavelength tuning of resonator over 50 GHz

The Spectra-Physics® Matisse® 2 series is a family of state-of-the-art single frequency ultra-stable, narrow linewidth tunable ring lasers. The Matisse 2 system has the industry’s highest output power, the narrowest external linewidth, the broadest tuning range, and the most flexible architecture.

Coupled with the Millennia® eV pump laser, the Matisse 2 produces over 6.5 W of output power. With flexibility to be configured for either Ti:Sapphire or dye as the laser gain medium, Matisse 2 provides an unprecedented tuning of >470 nm and linewidths ranging from 20 MHz down to 30 kHz.

Matisse 2 TR and DR

The Matisse 2 R-Series ring laser with its mechanically quiet design provides excellent passive stability and ultra-low noise, single-frequency operation. Electronically controlled wavelength-selecting elements—a birefringent filter, a thick etalon, and a thin etalon—keep the laser centered on a single longitudinal mode. This enables long, mode-hop-free wavelength scans while maintaining constant, low-noise output power levels.

The Matisse 2 TR Ti:Sapphire ring laser provides a spectral linewidth of <4 MHz and can be readily upgraded to the higher resolution Matisse 2 TS. In fact, because of its modularity, any Matisse 2 laser can be field upgraded to either a Ti:Sapphire or dye gain medium, or to a configuration with higher resolution – from an R-Series to an S-Series or an X-Series.

Matisse 2 TS and DS

The Matisse 2 S-Series actively-stabilized ring laser incorporates an external reference cavity with feedback to a cavity-length-stabilizing fast piezo-driven mirror. To guarantee a truly independent frequency feedback signal, the reference cavity is thoroughly isolated against thermal and mechanical perturbations and is fiber coupled outside the laser housing. The Matisse 2 TS actively-stabilized Ti:Sapphire ring laser has an internal spectral linewidth of <250 kHz.

Matisse 2 TX and DX

The Matisse 2 X-Series ring laser provides spectral linewidths to below 30 kHz for theTi:Sapphire active gain medium, and 100 kHz for the dye laser. This ultra-narrow linewidth is the result of very fast cavity length stabilization with a response bandwidth in the MHz range. This is achieved by use of an intra-cavity electro-optic modulator (EOM).

Also key to achieving this ultra-narrow linewidth is the feedback error signal from the external reference cavity using the Pound-Drever-Hall stabilization scheme and a high finesse external reference cavity. Pound-Drever-Hall provides an unambiguous measure of wavelength position uninfluenced by laser intensity fluctuations.

Matisse 2 TX-light

The Matisse 2 TX-light fills the linewidth gap between the Matisse 2 TS and the Matisse 2 TX. It utilizes the Pound-Drever-Hall locking technique and the high-resolution reference cavity of the TX to provide the feedback signal to the fast Piezo-driven mirror of the TS. The negligible sensitivity of the Pound-Drever-Hall method to intensity fluctuations, as well as the extremely stable locking it provides, lead to laser linewidths of less than 60 kHz.


High-resolution spectroscopy
Atom cooling and magneto-optic trapping (MOT)
Atomic clocks
Bose-Einstein condensates
General Characteristics Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
Laser Gain Medium Ti:Sapphire Ti:Sapphire Ti:Sapphire Ti:Sapphire Dye Dye Dye  
Linewidth5 <4 MHz rms <50 kHz rms6 <60 kHz rms6 <30 kHz rms6 <20 MHz rms6 <200 kHz rms6 <100 kHz rms6  
Spatial Mode TEM00 TEM00  
Beam Diameter2 1.4 mm (typical) 1.4 mm (typical)  
Beam Divergence7 <1 mrad <1 mrad  
Amplitude Noise <0.1% rms (above pump noise, added in quadrature) <0.5% rms  
Scan Range >50 GHz (at 780 nm) >60 GHz (at 575 nm)  
General Characteristics  Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
MOS-1 Optics Set 680–790 nm 680–790 nm 680–790 nm 690–770 nm _  
MOS-2 Optics Set 750–870 nm 750–870 nm 750–870 nm 750–870 nm _
MOS-2-BB Optics Set 730–930 nm 730–930 nm 730–930 nm 730–930 nm _  
MOS-3 Optics Set 880–1038 nm 880–1038 nm 880–1038 nm 880–1010 nm _  
MOS-4 Optics Set  _ 550–660 nm 550–660 nm 550–660 nm  
MOS-5 Optics Set  _ 650–760 nm 650–760 nm 650–760 nm  
General Characteristics  Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
Millennia eV 25 W pump 6.5 W 5.8 W 6.0 W 4.5 W  
Millennia eV 20 W pump 5.0 W 4.4 W 4.5 W 3.4 W  
Millennia eV 15 W pump 3.8 W 3.2 W 3.0 W 2.2 W  
Millennia eV 10 W pump 2.0 W 1.6 W 1.8 W 1.4 W  
Millennia eV 5 W pump 0.8 W N/A 0.8 W N/A  
General Characteristics  Matisse 2 TRMatisse 2 TSMatisse 2
Matisse 2 TXMatisse 2 DRMatisse 2 DSMatisse 2 DX  
Pump Laser Polarization Horizontal  
Pump Laser Power 5–25 W  
Ambient Conditions ±0.5°C in the 20–25°C range, non-condensing humidity conditions  
Cooling Water required to remove 20 W of heat from crystal; series connection from Millennia chiller recommended; 16–21°C ±0.1°C suggested
Dye versions: Water required to remove 100 W from dye circulator
Laboratory Vibrational isolated optical table, dust-free air (flow box)  
Electrical 100–250 VAC, max 2.5 A  
Computer Control Windows operating system  

1. Due to our continuous product improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.
2. At Matisse output port.
3. Specification applies to Millennia eV 15 W, 20 W and 25 W pump lasers. Please inquire for other pump powers.
4. At 780 nm for Ti:Sapphire and at the peak of R6G dye for dye version.
5. Linewidth measurements made over a period of >100 msec.
6. Linewidths relative to built-in reference cavity.
7. Measured at half angle.
8. Extended tuning ranges available upon request. Contact Spectra-Physics.

Matisse 2 Dimensions


Matisse 2 Ti:Sapphire Optical Layout


Matisse 2 Dye Optical Layout


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