Ultrafast Laser Amplifiers

With the broadest product offering commercially available, Spectra-Physics ultrafast amplifiers cover the entire energy spectrum and deliver industry-leading stability for applications ranging from nonlinear physics and femto-chemistry to high speed femtosecond micromachining.

  • Spitfire® Ace, our most flexible platform, delivers ultrafast pulses with mJ level energies and kHz repetition rates. Its beam quality and best-in-class stability make it the ideal ultrafast tool, which can be easily customized to your specific seeds
  • Solstice® Ace™ provides cutting-edge performance in an industrial one-box architecture.
  • Spirit® features direct diode pumping technology and offers user adjustable, high repetition rate for high speed data acquisition and micromachining processing.
Description Pulse Width Pulse Energy Average Power Pump Laser Wavelength Converters
Industry leading power maximum stability
<35 fs
<40 fs
<120 fs
<2 ps
>15 mJ >16 W  Ascend TOPAS Prime
Solstice® Ace™
High energy, industrial one-box ultrafast amplifiers
<35 fs
<120 fs
>7 mJ >8 W Built In TOPAS Prime
High power femtosecond lasers:
The new standard for high-precision micromachining
<400 fs >600 µJ
>120 µJ
>70 µJ
>120 µJ
>120 µJ
>40 µJ
>140 W
>100 W
>70 W
>30 W
>16 W
>8 W
N/A Spirit-NOPA
  1. Solstice® Ace™ and Spirit® include a built in oscillator.

Recommended Ultrafast Laser Oscillators for Spitfire®Ace™