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  • High-performance optics (XP and HP models) offer the broadest tuning range of 700 nm to >1080 nm
  • High peak power of >500 kW efficiently drives non-linear optical processes

The Tsunami® ultrafast Ti:Sapphire oscillator series combines operational simplicity with flexibility, plus unmatched tuning capability and pulse duration range. The Tsunami series’ regenerative mode-locking mechanism sustains pulses, even during perturbation of the cavity, and enables coverage of long wavelengths and very long picosecond pulses1.

Short Pulse Width

The short pulse Tsunami systems use the latest generation of high-performance optics to allow >65 nm of bandwidth for <30 fs in pulse width. When pumped by the Millennia eV 10, the Tsunami 3941-30-X1S typically achieves >800 mW of average power with >350 kW of peak power.

The superior design of the Tsunami prism dispersion compensation enables shorter, transform-limited pulses. A unique λ-track prism movement enables excellent beam pointing as the laser is tuned. The use of slits for wavelength selection in femtosecond operation, combined with advanced dispersion compensation allows wide pulse duration adjustment over the femtosecond range from <60 fs – >900 fs. The Tsunami laser can then be easily converted to picosecond mode to cover <2 ps – >100 ps with the appropriate GTI.

The Tsunami laser pulses can be synchronized to other lasers or laboratory equipment with the optional Lok-to-Clock® accessory that actively stabilizes cavity length. Lok-to-Clock electronics also provide high-speed input that can be used to slave the laser to a reference pulse train from another laser.

When the Tsunami oscillator is combined with the broad range of Spectra-Physics harmonic generators and optical parametric oscillators, such as the Inspire™ OPO, wavelength coverage spans from 210 nm – 5 µm. Pulse picking can offer repetition rate flexibility from single shot to 8 MHz, while still providing enough pulse energy for demanding fluorescence lifetime applications.

1. Standard pulse duration is <2 ps. Pulse durations > 100 ps are available with the use of appropriate GTI. 
2. Tuning range is specified as 700 nm – 1080 nm with Millennia eV 25 pump laser. Optional optics sets are available that can extend coverage to 685 nm to 1100 nm. 
3. Pulse durations between 120 fs and 900 fs require the use of GTI in combination with slits and prisms.