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WaveTrain 2


  • Input wavelength range 410 to 1600 nm
  • Only two pre-mounted mirrors for quick change of wavelength ranges
  • Low cavity losses and high doubling efficiencies >35%

WaveTrain 2 CW Frequency Doubler

WaveTrain® 2 is an advanced stand-alone device that provides simple frequency doubling of single frequency CW laser beams. With greater efficiency than traditional intra-cavity or extra-cavity methods, this product can be used to generate the second harmonic of the output of the Matisse<sup>®</sup> 2.

WaveTrain 2 utilizes a ring cavity to achieve efficiencies greater than 35%. Unlike conventional bow-tie cavities, WaveTrain 2 is based on a patented triangle-shaped cavity configuration called the DeltaConcept<sup>®</sup>, which allows the cavity length to be adjusted with no effect whatsoever on output beam position, direction or beam astigmatism.

Output stability is further enhanced by the use of a lightweight piezo-activated prism to optimize the cavity length, making the WaveTrain 2 especially resistant to vibrations and acoustic noise. This inherent beam stability enables the control hardware to automatically lock the cavity for maximum doubling efficiency during both fixed frequency and scanned operation.

Ease of access and the use of pre-mounted modular optics and crystals insure maximum wavelength flexibility, enabling the WaveTrain 2 to be operated effectively over the entire 410–1600 nm input wavelength range.