SPFL 532 Fiber Lasers


  • >40 W average output power
  • >180 μJ pulse energy
  • TimeShift programmable burst mode operation
  • Single shot to 2 MHz adjustable repetition rate
  • High beam quality (M2<1.2)

Spectra-Physics SPFL 532-40 pulsed green fiber lasers provide high power and pulse energy with versatile TimeShift™ programmable pulse capability for demanding manufacturing applications. The laser produces average output power >40 W and pulse energy >180 μJ at 532 nm, and with a near diffraction-limited output beam and excellent power stability, the laser delivers high quality and high throughput micromachining results.

The laser’s TimeShift programmable pulse capability provides flexible burst mode operation with adjustable pulse widths, pulse separation and number of pulses in a burst. Pulse widths for single pulses or sub-pulses in a burst are adjustable from <3 to 50 ns. The SPFL 532-40 lasers offer additional flexibility with adjustable repetition rates from single shot up to 2 MHz.

The SPFL 532-40 laser is housed in a robust mechanical assembly and fitted with a metal-armored fiber cable for rugged industrial operation. The laser uses an air-cooled engine for flexible, easy system integration and a water-cooled laser head for improved temperature and, hence, output power stability. The SPFL 532-40 line is designed and tested to ensure long-life operation with low cost of operation and is proven in demanding 24/7 manufacturing applications. Lasers are manufactured in a six-sigma Lean factory and undergo 100% testing and burn-in prior to shipment.


Solar cell, silicon scribing and processing including PERC
(passivated emitter rear contact)
Glass processing
Fine materials processing
Thin film patterning
Gold and copper processing
Security and defense
 SPFL 532-40  
Wavelength 532 nm  
Average Output Power >40 W  
Repetition Rate Single shot to 2000 kHz  
Pulse Width 3–50 ns, Preset values  
Pulse Energy (Max) 180 µJ  
Pulse to Pule Energy Instability2 Yes  
TimeShift Capability <2% RMS@1000 kHz  
Number of Pulses in a Burst 1–10 ns, Preset values  
Polarization Vertical  
 SPFL 532-40  
Operational Voltage 24 VDC  
Operating Temperature 10–35°C  
Laser Dimensions 130 x 224 x 299 mm  
Output Head Dimensions 123 x 145 x 284 mm  
Laser Unit Weight 6.8 kg  
Conversion Head Weight 7.1 kg  
Fiber Length 300 cm  
Output Beam Diameter 2.8 ±0.5 mm  
Output Beam Parameters M2 <1.2  

1. Due to our continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.
2. After 30 min. of warm up.
3. SPFL 532 is a Class IV -- High Power Laser, whose beam is, by definition, a safety and fire hazard. Take precautions to prevent exposure to the direct
    and reflected beams. Diffuse as well as specular reflections can cause severe skin or eye damage.

SPFL 532-40 Laser Engine Dimensions

SPFL 532-40 Laser Head Dimensions

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