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  • Complete range of wavelengths
  • Full suite of OEM and Scientific models
  • Exceptionally low optical noise for reliable high-speed data acquisition
  • High-quality TEM00 beam

The Spectra-Physics Excelsior® family of low-power continuous wave (CW) solid state lasers offers customers a complete range of wavelengths and power levels. Excelsior lasers provide state-of-the-art performance with the smallest footprint in their class.

473, 505, 515, 532, 542, 561, 594, and 1064 nm – Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers

Using patented frequency-doubling techniques, Excelsior diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers provide visible light with high conversion efficiency for lower power consumption and improved reliability. The DPSS models are available in the regular, compact laser head size, or in the slightly larger footprint called the “Extended Cavity” (XC) series that is used for the 505, 515, and 594 nm models as well as the higher power 532 nm and 561 nm models. The 1064 nm version is operated at its fundamental wavelength.

488 nm – Externally Doubled Diode Lasers

For applications requiring a 488 nm laser, Spectra-Physics offers an Excelsior laser based on highly reliable, externally doubled diode laser technology. The Excelsior is the world’s smallest 488 nm laser head, with a 40% narrower width than other commercially available lasers. This enables OEM designers to shrink next-generation desktop instruments—where size is a driving factor.

375, 405, 440, 642 and 785 nm – Direct Diode Lasers

The Excelsior family also includes a line of diode-based lasers with output powers from 16 to 100 mW. Wavelengths are generated directly from a semiconductor gain chip to reduce operational costs, increase lifetime use, and minimize space requirements. Excelsior direct diode lasers offer a choice of elliptical or collimated (circular) output beam configurations.

The Spectra-Physics Excelsior product line provides a consistent platform with the same mechanical footprint over a wide range of power levels and wavelengths. This allows for full component interchangeability among laser heads and controllers within a given architecture, requiring no additional adjustment or optimization. OEM customers can streamline supply chain and inventory management, as well as simplify service components for field maintenance.