Mai Tai®SP


  • Unsurpassed stability over ±10ºC operating environment
  • Fully automated for hands-free operation
  • <10 µrad beam pointing
  • Computer-controlled adjustable bandwidth (10-60 nm)

The Spectra-Physics® Mai Tai® SP ultrafast laser is the ultimate short-pulse oscillator with an unprecedented level of automation and long-term environmental stability. Designed for seeding ultrafast amplifiers, the Mai Tai SP laser is capable of producing a broad range of output bandwidths: 60 nm to 10 nm, corresponding to near transform-limited pulse widths from <25 fs to 100 fs. The bandwidth is user-adjustable via the Mai Tai SP graphical user interface (GUI). This unique feature allows for seeding sub-35 fs, 120 fs, and 2 ps amplifier systems using the same seed laser without manual realignment. Also adjustable via the GUI is the center wavelength from 780 to 820 nm.

The Mai Tai SP has exceptional long-term environmental stability. It is built on the proven Mai Tai laser platform with the largest installed base of ultrafast lasers in the industry. These lasers utilize StabiLok® active beam alignment technology, EternAlign permanent optics mounting technology, a temperature-stabilized housing and active purge technology to ensure long-term stability under widely varying environmental conditions. The Mai Tai SP uses ProLite diodes, field proven leaders in diode reliability and lifetime – producing uninterrupted output for >40,000 hours.

Average Power
At Minimum Specified Bandwidth
At 60 nm Bandwidth

>750 mW
>450 mW
Bandwidth2 10–60 nm  
Tuning Range 780–820 nm3  
Repetition Rate (nominal) 84 MHz  
Noise4 <0.05%  
Stability5 <0.5%  
Spatial Mode TEM00  
Beam Diameter (1/e²) 1.5 mm  
Beam Divergence, full angle <1 mrad  
Polarization Horizontal  

1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications may change without notice.
2. Bandwidth range accessible by computer control at 800 nm. User specified bandwidth configurations are available.
3. Center wavelength can be tuned at bandwidths <30 nm; otherwise center wavelength is fixed at 800 nm.
4. Specification represents RMS noise measured in a 10 Hz to 10 MHz bandwidth.
5. Percent power drift in any 2-hour period after a 1-hour warm-up.

Mai Tai SP Laser Head

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