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High Power kHz Green Pump Lasers

  • Optimal performance for pumping Spectra-Physics ultrafast amplifiers
  • Excellent beam quality for maximum efficiency
  • Industrial platform with outstanding reliability

Elevate your research with the Ascend™ series pump lasers from Spectra-Physics®. Ascend is an industrial diode-pumped solid state, Q-switched laser capable of more than 60 W at 527 nm. Ascend delivers optimal performance for pumping the Spectra-Physics Spitfire® Ace™, Solstice® Ace, and Femtopower™ series amplifiers. Ascend yields the most efficient amplifiers commercially available, delivering industry-leading output power and energy, beam quality and reliability.

Ascend is based upon proprietary technology that employs an ultra-efficient cooling scheme to provide maximum stability and long-term reliability. When used for pumping a Spectra-Physics amplifier, Ascend is the most reliable, most efficient and lowest noise pump laser available.

Ascend configurations can be easily changed to maximize the utility of your amplifier system. The Ascend flexibility means you can design experiments anywhere in the 1 to 10 kHz repetition rate range. Ascend is available in >60 W and >40 W output power levels to support your specific amplifier system configuration and requirements.

Ascend continues Spectra-Physics’ long-standing commitment to producing the highest performing, most reliable diode-pumped solid state lasers. Ascend combines industrial reliability and ruggedness with leading-edge performance to maximize the performance of your Spectra-Physics ultrafast amplifier.