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  • Industry-leading cost-performance
  • Versatile TimeShift™ ps programmable burst mode
  • Most compact, It’s in the Box™ laser
  • 24/7 industrial reliability

IceFyre® redefines picosecond micromachining lasers with a patent-pending design to achieve exceptional performance and unprecedented versatility at industry-leading cost performance. Based on Spectra-Physics’ It’s in the Box™ design, IceFyre integrates laser and controller into the industry’s smallest package.

Unprecedented Versatility and Exceptional Performance

IceFyre’s unique design exploits fiber laser flexibility and Spectra-Physics’ exclusive power amplifier capability to enable TimeShift™ ps programmable burst-mode technology and wide adjustability of repetition rates. A standard set of waveforms is provided with each laser; an optional TimeShift ps GUI is available for creating custom waveforms. The laser provides pulse-on-demand triggering with the lowest jitter in its class for high quality processing at high scan speeds, e.g. when using a polygon scanner.

24/7 Industrial Reliability

IceFyre is designed, built, and tested to stringent quality standards for reliable continuous operation in demanding 24/7 manufacturing environments. IceFyre lasers’ automatic data logging software monitors all key laser performance parameters over the life of the laser, providing a powerful service/preventative maintenance diagnostics feature and product reliability tool. A customer version of this software is also available.