VAMP TA-7600


  • Fiber-coupling input ensures fast, easy, and reliable alignment
  • Active input power monitoring and safety shutoff feature
  • Power lock mode to reduce amplitude noise
  • Automatic laser head recognition
  • Post-amplification beam shaping

The New Focus™ VAMP series Tapered Amplifiers is your solution for high-power tunable and fixed-wavelength applications such as atomic cooling, spectroscopy, and Bose-Einstein Condensation. The VAMP will faithfully amplify tunable single-frequency light produced by External Cavity Diode Lasers as well as other light sources of appropriate wavelength. All New Focus tapered amplifiers include an isolator on the output as standard.

The VAMP is configured with a fiber coupled input, ensuring fast, easy and reliable alignment. Active input power monitoring triggers a safety shutoff when the seed power drops below 10 mW, preventing self-lasing and protecting the lifetime of the tapered amplifier chip.

Simple intuitive control with the TA-7600-LN controller means you are up and running immediately. The TA-7600-LN controller comes standard with tapered amplifier head recognition to automatically set the temperature and current upper limit. It also features front panel control, RS-232 and USB interfaces, and an intuitive GUI.

When seeded with low-ASE sources such as the Vortex™ Plus or Velocity™ lasers the VAMP faithfully reproduces narrow linewidths and high contrast ratios. The VAMP will also accept other seed sources, including many home-built ECDLs. Contact our tech support for help in seeding the VAMP.


Atomic spectroscopy
Laser cooling
Qunatum applications
ModelWavelength2Center WavelengthFree-Space
Output Power3
Output Power
TA-7612 755–775 nm 765 nm >1.5 W 0.5 W  
TA-7613 775–785 nm 780 nm >1 W 0.5 W  
TA-7613-H 779–790 nm 780 nm >2 W N/A  
TA-7614-H 787–805 nm 795 nm >1.8 W 0.5 W  
TA-7616 840–855 nm 850 nm >1 W 0.5 W  
TA-7618 910–920 nm 915 nm >1 W N/A  
ASE, at maximum power and center wavelength <-45 dB (0.01 nm OSA resolutions)  
Beam Divergence <1.5 mrad, typical  
Beam Pointing Stability <50  µrad (±2°C)  
Frequency Jitter Seed laser dependent  
Linewidth Seed laser dependent  
Long Term Stability, power, closed loop ±1% (±2°C), typical, seed laser dependent  
Longitudinal Mode Single  
Transverse Mode TEM00  
Polarization Vertical  
Optical Output4 Optically-isolated, fiber-coupled  
Min. Optical Input at FC/APC Connector5 10–20 mW  
Max. Optical Input at FC/APC Connector 100 mW  
User Interface Controller front panel, RS232, USB  
Power Supply Requirement 100-240 VAC (50-60 Hz), power consumption <105 W
Environment Temperature, operating 15-30⁰C  
Environment Temperature, storage 0-50⁰C  
Environment Humidity Non-condensing  

1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice. 
2. Contact us for all available wavelengths. 
3. Power at center wavelength when seeded with appropriate wavelength and power. Contact us for output power at specific seed wavelength and for
    all available output powers.
4. Integrated 35 dB optical isolaton. Fiber-coupled option includes isolator and permanently fixed Panda type PM fiber with FC/APC connector for laser
    output. Wide-type alignment key aligned  with the slow axis of the PM fiber. Dual stage isolation, other fiber types and connectors available upon
     request. Fiber-coupled output option unavailable for TA-7613-H and TA-7618.
5. Minimum seed power is 15 mW for TA-7612, TA-7616, 20 mW for TA-7613, TA-7613-H, TA-7614-H and 10 mW for TA-7618 to achieve full specified
    power output. Safety shutoff activated  below 10 mW input power. Fiber-coupled input only. Fiber-coupled configuration of the New Focus Vortex
    Plus, Velocity, and SWL is compatible to the tapered amplifier input. 70 dB isolation  recommended between the seed laser and TA-7613-H and

VAMP TA-7600 Dimensions

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