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Explorer One


  • Unique all-in-one design – most compact and highest power laser of its class
  • E-Track™ active energy and power control
  • Feature rich software for ease-of-use

The Spectra-Physics Explorer® One™ series combines innovative and leading edge laser technology by uniting control electronics and laser resonator design into the  same footprint of its predecessor, the Explorer. Re-engineered to offer the most compact and powerful solution, the Explorer One It’s in the Box™ design sets the  pace for innovation and unmatched laser performance in a tiny package.

The Explorer One laser models are available in the UV at 349 nm, 355 nm and in  the green at 532 nm. The Explorer One 349 lasers deliver a pulse energy of 60 μJ  and 120 μJ at 1 kHz, the new Explorer HE 355-100 achieves a pulse energy exceeding 80 μJ at 10 kHz and the Explorer One HE 532-200 offers 200 μJ pulse energy at 10 kHz pulse repetition frequency. The new Explorer One 355-1 now offers 800 mW average power and the Explorer One 532-2 provides 2 W of average power at 50 kHz pulse repetition rate.

The Explorer One series’ ease-of-use and handling simplify integration into different tools or instruments. The very small dimensions of the air-cooled Explorer One series makes this laser the technology of choice for system integrators who require integrating lasers into a tight space or small tabletop-like instrument. Only the 24 VDC supply cable and a serial or analog control cable is required to install and operate the laser on a moving system like gantry integration.

Versatility and flexibility is realized by integrating advanced and value-added hardware and software elements such as E-Pulse™  pulse energy control, burst mode, on-demand auto-calibration and single pulse energy measurements up to 300 kHz. The new E-Track™ dynamic pulse energy control feature actively measures and controls the laser for continual energy and power stabilization even under rapidly changing operating set points or environments. E-Track enables
“on-the-fly” adjustments and fast gating for precision micromachining applications such as scribing marking, and drilling of tiny features.

In addition the Explorer One’s output power is adjustable to optimize the laser performance to the application needs. The system can be operated using TTL and analog control signals. Real-time pulse energy values are available on the integrated analog port.