dye laser accessories


Spectra-Physics’ state-of-the-art pulsed dye laser systems are German engineered by our partner firm Sirah GmbH for precision, stability and reliability. A majority of applications require taking the fundamental dye beam and frequency converting to all parts of the spectrum ranging from 190 nm to more than 11 µm. Our pulsed dye laser family includes a vast amount of wavelength converters with schemes including SHG, THG, DFM, SFM, and much more to provide unparalleled wavelength access.

Unique options also are available for our dye lasers including the Grating Lift option, enabling gap free tuning through Wood’s anomaly, and Piezo Wavelength Control, alternating wavelength for successive laser pulses. These unique dye laser accessories enable more precise research and results.

Mid-IR – 4.8 µm to 11 µm

OPA-NIR – 1.4 µm to 4.2 µm

IR Generation – 1.4 µm to 5.2 µm

Dye Fundamental (DF) (532 nm pumped)
541 nm to 900 nm

Dye Fundamental (DF) (355 nm pumped)
380 nm to 722 nm

SFM-1064 – 360 nm to 450 nm

SHG – 206 nm to 450 nm

SFM-355 – 216 nm to 241 nm

THG – 197 nm to 220 nm

Mixing After Doubling (MAD) – 190 nm to 202 nm