• LiDAR and LADAR
  • Range finding
  • Spectroscopy



VGEN-SP-NL-25-10 VGEN-SP-NL-25-20 VGEN-SP-NL-40-20 VGEN-SP-NL-POD-25-20
Operational Mode Short Pulse Short Pulse, POD with E-Pulse
Wavelength 1064 nm
Average Output Power 10 W 20 W
Repetition Rate 35-1000 kHz 35-700 kHz 35-2000 kHz
Pulse Width, typical <3 ns
Linewidth <0.1 nm
Peak Power, max 25 kW 40 kW 25 kW
Pulse Energy, max 75 µJ 100 µJ 75 µJ

General Parameters

VGEN-SP-NL-25-10 VGEN-SP-NL-25-20 VGEN-SP-NL-40-20 VGEN-SP-NL-POD-25-20
Operational Voltage 12 VDC
Operating Temperature 0-50°C -5-50°C
Laser Dimensions 45 x 120 x 275 mm 52 x 120 x 276 mm
Weight 2.3 kg 2.4 kg
Wall-plug Efficiency >20%
Fiber Length 50 cm
Output Fiber Collimator 6 mm ±1 mm diameter (other options available)
Output Beam Parameters M2 <1.3


  1. Due to our continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.


Compact and Lightweight

With low weight and small size, the VGEN-SP series is easily deployed. Housed in a robust assembly that meets industrial standards and fitted with a metal armored fiber cable, VGEN-SP lasers deliver a high quality, near diffraction-limited output beam. The lasers’ solid construction is maintenance free and reliable, ensuring long-life operation at low operational cost. VGEN-SP LIDAR lasers are rugged and can stand up to the tough conditions and requirements of airborne LIDAR applications for a robust and stable platform.