Service Programs

At MKS, our vision is to enable technologies that transform our world. We have a long history of leveraging our collective curiosity to understand and develop solutions that enable progress, as well as enabling economic development, by solving the technology challenges of tomorrow. Contact Customer Service for assistance with these programs.

As your worldwide support partner, MKS provides industry-leading product knowledge and expertise to help guarantee your competitive advantage and longterm success. MKS offers a number of Service Programs to improve productivity, extend the life of your installed base and attain a higher return on your overall investment. Partnering with MKS for all your service needs offers you.

Laser Service Programs – Assurance Guarantee

MKS offers a variety of comprehensive service programs for our Spectra-Physics Mai Tai® and InSight® laser systems. To address the unique requirements of our customers, we have developed a tiered service model, ranging from full on-site coverage to full service coverage including travel. We also offer flexible service packages, which provide additional assurance against unforeseen service issues. This approach is part of our ongoing effort to meet the needs of every customer.

Laser Care - Scientific & Industrial

MKS’ Spectra-Physics laser portfolio provides precision laser technologies to customers working on advanced scientific and industrial applications. At every stage of your experimental process, MKS will deliver industry-leading service and support to ensure optimal productivity. Our Customer Service Representatives average more than 15 years of experience in the industry. They are committed to providing customers fast and effective information to resolve the issue.

Supplemental Warranty

Supplemental or extended warranty coverage is offered for many of lasers. These supplemental coverage contracts extend the factory warranty. Supplemental coverage is also available for the diode laser component of laser systems.

Repair & Refurbishment Programs

For many of our lasers, we offer a factory / depot repair and refurbishment programs to serve customer-specific requirements.

NewLife™ Service covers repairs and replacement of key wear components (except diodes), adding both confidence and years of continued use. NewLife Complete Service encompasses that offered in our NewLife Service plus includes new laser diodes for a comprehensive refurbishment. Both NewLife and NewLife Complete Service have a fixed price purchased at the time of service and includes a full warranty.