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Spectra-Physics® is a leading global supplier of laser systems. At our facility in Rankweil, we develop and produce femtosecond lasers for demanding applications in medicine, science, and industry.

History –
Strong Innovation Capacity, Strong Growth

Spectra-Physics® is a globally successful high-tech company developing and producing highly developed ultrafast lasers at its Rankweil facility. Since its beginnings in 1999, the company that was founded as High Q Laser GmbH has been focusing on innovative strength and products with excellent quality. This is borne out by numerous scientific publications and many globally registered patents as well as the firm's rapid growth. Just 10 years after the company's foundation the original vision could be achieved: to become Europe's leading manufacturer of ultrafast lasers.

In order to continue its growth, the company became part of Spectra-Physics in 2011, the world's most experienced laser manufacturer. As the first manufacturer of industrial lasers, Spectra-Physics has been at the forefront of innovative laser technology for over 60 years. In 2016 Spectra-Physics became part of MKS Instruments, a leading global semiconductor and photonics supplier. As part of MKS Instruments Spectra-Physics Rankweil belongs to an established network that strengthens its innovative capacity and thereby supports further growth.

Address / Legal Entity Information

High Q Laser GmbH
Feldgut 9
6830 Rankweil, Austria
+43 5522 82646
FN: (Reg.) 291098k
UID (VAT No.): ATU63257433

What We Stand For

Whether repairing individual screen pixels, producing an implant, or performing surgery on a human eye – Spectra-Physics customers all over the world trust in the absolute precision and top quality of our ultrafast laser systems, at any time. This is the only way to ensure that delicate materials and very fine structures can be perfectly processed. Reliability and innovative, customer-oriented product solutions are the reasons why the manufacturers of equipment for industrial production and scientific research, or for medical products opt for lasers by Spectra-Physics. The manufacture of our ultrafast lasers is subject to exacting quality standards and is carried out in ISO 5 clean rooms in accordance with quality assurance standards.

Application Lab

In order to achieve the best results, top quality and absolute precision in application, Spectra-Physics Rankweil maintains its own application laboratory. This is a prerequisite for ensuring top-of-the-range process development and technical reliability of our femtosecond laser sources. The laboratory is equipped with high-quality diagnostic instruments, providing a modern and perfectly balanced infrastructure.

Company History

Foundation of High Q Laser GmbH. In the same year, the company presents its first product at the world's leading trade fair “LASER World of Photonics” in Munich.

Just one year later, the company introduces two new laser systems. The company receives an award from the Austrian Society for Physics.

Receipt of the Company Award by the Austrian Department of Commerce.

Opening of the production facility at Hohenems. High Q Laser starts to supply large customers with laser systems.

Innovation Prize awarded by the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce for the femtoREGEN™ UC-INDUSTRIAL.

High Q Laser opens one of the most up-to-date laser manufacturing facilities. The two facilities at Hohenems are transferred to Rankweil. High Q Laser obtains certification under EN ISO 9001:2008.zertifiziert.

High Q Laser becomes part of Spectra-Physics® and hence the Newport Corporation.

The company is certified to EN ISO 13485: 2012 and AC:2012.

Spectra-Physics become part of MKS Instruments Inc. a leading global semiconductor and photonics supplier.

Careers at Spectra-Physics Rankweil

At the Rankweil facility we manufacture femtosecond lasers for medical, industrial, and scientific applications. In addition to the manufacture of high quality products, our company strategy focuses on sustainable and profitable growth. In order to foster this momentum, we are always looking for committed and motivated members of staff.

Are you keen on high-tech? Are you at home in technical subjects, such as physics, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electronics, hardware or software development? Have you completed training or are a graduate in a technical discipline or already gained experience with high-tech products? And are you interested in lasers? We are looking forward to your application!

Careers at MKS

For more information about the company, open positions and how to apply please visit our website www.mks.com/careers.

Birgit Mathis
+43 5522 82646 140

Achieving Great Things with Well-being

The success of our highly developed products is based on motivated and satisfied employees who, as part of the Spectra-Physics team, support the corporate philosophy. For the company, this means encouraging its employees, supporting them - also with special social benefits - and strengthening its dynamic team with special events and joint activities.

The working environment also plays a key role in well-being. In Rankweil, our employees have access to one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, in one of the most attractive locations between Lake Constance and the Eastern Alps. This unique location in the heart of Europe is just as important for the economic success of the company as it is for the well-being of our employees, who can also take advantage of numerous leisure activities.

Diversity Makes Us Better

The team at Spectra-Physics consists of open-minded, dynamic people who are young or young at heart and have a great passion for high-tech. They are physicists, mechatronics engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, hardware and software developers. They come from Vorarlberg, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Italy, India and other countries. And they have one thing in common: based on their knowledge, on precision and on teamwork they create highly sophisticated technical innovations.

How to Apply

Please send your complete application documents in digital form via www.mks.com/careers.

Birgit Mathis
+43 5522 82646 140

Student Jobs

Bachelor Degree Course in Electronics and Information Technology Dual

The bachelor degree course in Electronics and Information Technology (dual) combines a degree course at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FHV) with practical training in a company. That means that both the university and the company take responsibility for parts of the training.

For you as a student this means:

  • You will spend time periods alternately at the university and with Spectra-Physics.
  • When you are with us, you will gain valuable experience.
  • You start your career while still a student.
  • You will receive a salary while still a student.

During the first year you will be given solid basic training at the FHV. Should you have had relevant technical training, for example by passing the "HTL-Matura", you may be able to skip large parts of the first semester – or even start by going straight into the second semester. From the third semester you will be employed at Spectra-Physics and will have a regular income. Possible work areas cover a wide range of electrical and electronic engineering subjects. For your specialist subject at the FHV course you can choose a subject that is associated with the industry of our company, such as Energy Technology or Technical Information Technology.

For further information on the study course, the application deadlines, the application conditions and other details please contact Birgit Mathis, Tel.: +43 5522 82646 140.

Gaining First Work Experience

We are always interested in helping pupils and students to gain their first work experience with us. We therefore provide internship places and, vacation positions during the summer months and look forward to welcoming young and dynamic people. Are you interested in gaining your first work experience in a modern high-tech company? Apply to open position at www.mks.com/careers.

Innovative Strength For Your Successful Final Project

Are you looking for a practice related subject for your final project? You have good ideas and want to implement them in a high-tech and innovative environment? Contact us at Spectra-Physics – we may be able to help you to find an interesting subject for your final project, thesis or dissertation. Or you can suggest a subject for a project, based on an outline concept, which you would like to carry out with us. One last tip: Involve your mentor at an early stage because he/she has to agree to the selected subject in the end.

For further information please contact Birgit Mathis, +43 5522 82646 140.

Applications – Reliable for Industrial Applications

Ultrafast lasers by Spectra-Physics are designed for state-of-the-art and highly demanding industrial applications. They cover the wide range from processing of sensitive materials and micromachining to bio-imaging and eye surgery.

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Products - One Millionth of One Billionth of a Second —
Ultrafast Laser Systems by Spectra-Physics

As a pioneer in the field of ultrafast lasers, Spectra-Physics develops and manufactures absolutely precise femtosecond laser systems at its Rankweil facility. It is almost impossible to imagine how long a femtosecond lasts — it is one millionth of one billionth of a second. These ultrafast pulses enable processing of sensitive materials and extremely fine structures — almost without any heat generation which would lead to damage and even destruction of the material. Spectra-Physics uses state-of-the-art technology, top quality components and rigorous application testing to ensure that its ultrafast laser systems are absolutely reliable products, which feature these additional benefits:

  • Extremely short light pulses with durations of between 40 fs and 500 ps
  • Very high peak intensities
  • Wavelengths from UV to IR
  • From individual pulses to high repeat rates (MHz)
  • Designed for 24 hour operation
  • Straightforward installation and setting up
  • Compact and modular design
  • Adapted to specific customer requirements
  • Serial production for large lot sizes

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