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scientific research

scientific research

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Scientific Research

Spectra-Physics is #1 in Ultrafast lasers and a market leader in lasers for scientific research applications. With the acquisition of Femtolasers, Spectra-Physics extends its leadership in ultrafast lasers for scientific research.

What does #1 mean? It means innovation to deliver the broadest portfolio of cutting edge ultrafast lasers and to ensure the right solution for your unique requirements. It means expertise from the widest scope of ultrafast applications and the largest installed base. It means direct access to the largest and most experienced global support team in the industry. Choosing the #1 in Ultrafast means confidence in making the right ultrafast decision.

Spectra-Physics and New Focus are also leaders in tunable lasers for atomic and molecular physics applications including atom trapping and cooling.

So contact our experts to discuss your laser application needs and challenges. Let’s work together to solve them.

Spirit-NOPA ultrafast laser


High Repetition Rate Automated Non-collinear Optical Parametric Amplifiers