Printed Circuit Board PCB Depaneling

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Depaneling

The demand for small, hand-held electronics with more features is driving smaller, thinner, and more dense flex and rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Depaneling, or the laser singulation of printed circuit boards, offers numerous advantages to a traditional bit router or mechanical saw, including:

  • Non-contact cutting process to eliminate stress to the PCB and its delicate components
  • Reduced micro-cracks and reduced delamination for longer PCB life
  • Greater flexibility to cut unusual shapes
  • Faster set up for smaller production batches
  • More consistent laser accuracy over the life of the tool
  • Narrower cuts and less dust generated during the laser singulation process
  • Fewer burrs

The Pulseo DPSS Q-switched laser family is the perfect tool for depaneling small printed circuit boards. Available in both 532 nm and 355 nm for maximum absorption over a wide range of materials, Pulseo’s short pulse width, high peak power, and high repetition rate translate to clean processing, round holes, faster throughput, and less thermal damage to the parts.