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Spirit 1030-100 and
Spirit 1030-70


  • High average power (>100 and 70 W), high pulse energy (>100 and 70 μJ) and high repetition rate (up to 10 MHz) for highest throughput
  • <400 fs pulse duration for smallest heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • > 50 W average power @515 nm

The Spirit® 1030-100 and 1030-70 lasers set new standards for femtosecond lasers in high-precision industrial manufacturing and pumping of non-linear OPA’s delivering unprecedented performance for 3-photon microscopy. These lasers deliver high average power, high pulse energy, and high repetition rates for increased throughput. Customers benefit from the shortest industrially available pulse duration and superior beam quality that in turn enables machining complex and challenging parts with highest precision and quality with literally no heat affected zone (HAZ) at the highest throughput. The Spirit 1030-100 and 1030-70 are designed for industrial use and offer reliable and robust 24/7 operation with lowest cost of ownership.

Highest-Precision Machining of the Finest Features with Highest Throughput
Our new additions to the industry-proven Spirit platform offers impressive versatility and performance, enabling a variety of applications. High average power (>100 W) and high pulse energy (>100 µJ) combined with high repetition rates push femtosecond micromachining applications to highest levels of throughput at lowest cost-of-ownership. The user-configurable burst mode enables processing with increased ablation efficiency, and thus increased throughput and quality for certain materials. Pulse energy and repetition rate adjustability (single shot – 10 MHz) make the Spirit 1030-100 the ideal source for ablation and cutting. The integrated pulse picker offers full control of the laser output with single pulse selection and fast power control via an analog input signal.

The integrated second harmonic generation (SHG) offers an output power of >50 W and a typical pulse width of <300 fs at a wavelength of 515 nm. At this shorter wavelength, machining of the finest features is possible, depending on the material, at equal or even higher speeds compared to those obtained with other technologies.

24/7 Industrial Reliability
The Spirit lasers are designed and tested to rigorous quality standards for reliable 24/7 operation. The built-in data logging and analysis capability allows monitoring of all relevant laser parameters over the life time of the system. As such, this represents an indispensable diagnostics tool for service and preventive maintenance which significantly enhances uptime and thus productivity of the tool.