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  • Compact and versatile DPSS platform
  • Proven rugged industrial design with more than 1,000 installed lasers
  • Short pulse width and high peak power


The Spectra-Physics Explorer® 1064 nm laser delivers reliability and versatility in a compact footprint through its innovative diode-pumped solid state architecture. The Explorer laser is easy to use and supplies excellent mode quality. Its nearly diffraction-limited TEM00 output beam allows for tight focusing and high spatial resolution. High reliability, high repetition rate, Gaussian beam parameters and superior pulse-to-pulse stability make the Explorer laser the ultimate economic solution for demanding applications.

The Explorer 1064 nm Vanadate-based (Nd:YVO4) laser provides more than 2.5 W power and is targeted for memory repair, selective ablation in thin film processes and marking applications.

The compact Explorer laser delivers exceptional versatility. Customers can interface with the Explorer L-Series power supply either through RS 232 software interface or via analog TTL control signals. Sophisticated software algorithms, such as Burst Mode and First-Pulse Suppression, and supporting multiple software command sets ensure straight forward product integration. Finally, the Explorer system’s rugged design enables integrating the compact laser head into a motion control system to simplify complex optical layouts.