Product Announcements

Date Description
June 26, 2023 MKS Debuts Powerful New >100 W UV Nanosecond Laser with Programmable Pulses
June 26, 2023 MKS Launches High-Power Femtosecond Laser for Fast, High-Quality Micromachining
June 26, 2023 MKS Pioneers New Standard in Carrier-Envelope Phase Stabilization for Attosecond Science
June 20, 2023 MKS Unveils Compact UV Laser for Bio-instrumentation
June 14, 2023 MKS Celebrates 50 Years of Participation at Laser World of Photonics
August 24, 2022 Major Price Increase for Scientific Lasers – Ultrafast Amplifiers Product Line
July 5, 2022 MKS Unveils New >70 W Green Pulsed Laser for Micromachining
April 25, 2022 MKS Debuts Breakthrough >50 W UV Femtosecond Laser for 24/7 Micromachining of Critical Materials
April 25, 2022 MKS Extends Lasers Portfolio for Quantum Applications
April 21, 2022 MKS Launches Versatile >50 W Green Picosecond Laser
November 16, 2021 MKS Introduces >80 W UV Hybrid Fiber Laser
November 10, 2021 MKS Receives China Industry Innovation Award for Compact, High Energy UV Lasers
November 8, 2021 MKS Expands Spectra-Physics Ultrafast Laser Portfolio for Neuroscience and Bio-Imaging Applications
March 16, 2021 MKS Triples Pulse Energy of Ultra-Compact UV Nanosecond Lasers
September 22, 2020 MKS Receives Two Innovation Awards in China for the Spectra-Physics IceFyre® UV Picosecond Laser
July 4, 2020 MKS Introduces Versatile, High Power Spectra-Physics Pulsed Green Fiber Laser
February 4, 2020 MKS Launches High Power, High Energy Spectra-Physics Industrial Femtosecond Laser
February 4, 2020 MKS Boosts Industry-Leading Power for Quantum Applications with New Spectra-Physis Tunable Lasers
January 31, 2020 Spectra-Physics Unveils Enhanced Widely-Tunable Ultrafast Laser for Multiphoton Imaging
June 23, 2019 MKS Launches Spectra-Physics >50 W UV Picosecond Laser
June 23, 2019 MKS Boosts Power of Spectra-Physics Explorer One HP Lasers
February 5, 2019 MKS Debuts Spectra-Physics Industrial UV Picosecond Laser with Disruptive Cost-Performance
January 30, 2018 MKS Launches Spectra-Physics >45 W UV Lasers with Disruptive Cost-Performance
January 30, 2018 MKS Unveils Spectra-Physics Advanced Ultrafast Lasers for Bio-Imaging and Research