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Service Programs

Service Programs

We offer a range of service programs to enable Spectra-Physics equipment to operate at peak performance levels throughout its lifetime. These service programs are designed to minimize downtime and maximize the productivity of your laser equipment. Please contact Customer Service for assistance on these programs.

Repair and Refurbishment Programs

For many of our lasers, we offer a factory / depot repair and refurbishment programs to serve customer-specific requirements.

NewLife™ service covers repairs and replacement of key wear components (except diodes), adding both confidence and years of continued use. NewLife Complete service encompasses that offered in our NewLife service plus includes new laser diodes for a comprehensive refurbishment. Both NewLife and NewLife Complete service have a fixed price purchased at the time of service and includes a full warranty.

For technical support in your area, contact:

Spectra-Physics Headquarters
3635 Peterson Way
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States
Toll-Free Phone +1 800-456-2552
Office Tel +1 408-980-4300
Office Fax +1 408-980-6921
Email service@spectra-physics.com