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Calibration and Repair

Equipment Calibration and Repair

We strive to ensure that your equipment remains in excellent operating condition for peak performance throughout its lifetime.

For service of Spectra-Physics laser systems, please see our webpage for Technical Information and Support. For calibration and repair of Newport (including Ophir, Spiricon and other Newport companies) instruments and accessories, please see the information below.


Calibration Service

Your Newport power meters (including Ophir, Spiricon and other Newport companies), as well as many other instruments such as spectrometers and wave meters, can be calibrated at our Service Centers. Please have your model and serial numbers available when you contact Newport Customer Service for repairs or calibration.

For technical support in your area, contact:

Spectra-Physics Headquarters
3635 Peterson Way
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States
Toll-Free Phone +1 800-456-2552
Office Tel +1 408-980-4300
Office Fax +1 408-980-6921
Email service@spectra-physics.com