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  • Hands-free operation
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Up to 5 mJ input energy
  • Excellent beam quality

The TOPAS Prime automated optical parametric amplifier (OPA) is a state-of-the-art instrument for wavelength extension of the Spitfire® Ace™ Ti:Sapphire amplifier system. The TOPAS Prime is entirely computer controlled which minimizes time adjusting the laser system and maximizes experimental productivity. Wavelengths can be generated from the deep UV range through the infrared (189–20000 nm) making TOPAS Prime the ideal instrument for numerous scientific applications.

The TOPAS Prime utilizes several key features aimed at maximizing its usefulness and efficiency. The fresh pump option provides more efficient sum frequency conversion with improved beam quality and with less optical noise. The TOPAS Prime will also accept larger beam diameters (~10.5 mm), eliminating the need for an external telescope. For higher energy applications, the TOPAS Prime Plus can accept pulse energies as high as 5 mJ.

The TOPAS Prime works best when pumped using the Spitfire Ace – the most advanced regenerative amplifier available. The Spitfire Ace laser’s patented XP cavity provides superior beam quality for maximum efficiency from the TOPAS Prime. In addition, the Spitfire Ace stability specifications provide the perfect solution for performing high energy ultrafast research.

Typical Performance

tuning curves for TOPAS Prime

Tuning curves for TOPAS Prime when pumped by 100 fs, 1 mJ Spitfire Ace.