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Spirit One


  • High average power (up to
    >8 W) and high pulse energy (40 µJ)
  • Integrated pulse-picker with analog-in triggering
  • User adjustable pulse duration between <400 fs and 4 ps (optional)

Spirit® One™ is a compact, industrial femtosecond laser that delivers game-changing cost-performance with averages powers up to >8 W. With ultrashort <400 fs pulse width, high pulse energy and average power output, and repetition rate up to 1 MHz, the laser is an It’s in the Box™ laser that combines power supply and laser head in a single rugged, compact and lightweight package for ease of integration. Spirit One enables advancements in high precision applications including microsurgery, femtosecond micromachining, medical device manufacturing, optogenetics, and multiphoton microscopy.

With up to >8 W average power and >40 µJ pulse energy at 1040 nm wavelength, Spirit One provides additional flexibility with a new adjustable pulse duration option, allowing the user to freely choose pulse durations between 400 fs and 4 ps by software in less than 3 seconds. The amplifier is optimized for one factory calibrated repetition rate at either 200 kHz (40 μJ) or 1 MHz (8 μJ) that can be chosen by the customer. Additional or different pre-set repetition rates are optional and can be configured in the factory during assembly on request. The laser includes an integrated pulse picker for fast pulse selection and power control by an analog input signal or via software commands for high process throughput.

The optional, high efficiency Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) module enables the fabrication of smaller and more accurate structures. The fundamental and SHG output beams are collinear at the laser exit for easy integration and beam delivery. The end user can easily switch between the 1040 nm and 520 nm outputs by software.

Spirit One is based on the proven and widely deployed Spirit industrial femtosecond laser platform and has passed extensive environmental qualification testing to ensure high reliability. Fully automated and computer controlled, Spirit One has exceptional power and beam pointing stability during 24/7 operation, resulting in high precision and reproducibility for demanding applications.