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  • Single shot to 2 MHz
  • Pump power up to 60 W
  • High pulse energy for 3-photon imaging
  • Broad tuning range: 650 nm to 900 nm (signal), 1200 nm to 2500 nm (idler)

The Spirit-NOPA® is a family of automated non-collinear optical parametric amplifiers (NOPA) specifically built and optimized for the industry-proven Spirit® and Spirit One™ ultrafast lasers. The turn-key, high repetition rate Spirit femtosecond laser combines with the Spirit-NOPA to create a powerful, user-friendly tunable, high repetition rate source of ultrashort pulses for in-vivo, deep tissue imaging in neuroscience, spectroscopy, and other ultrafast scientific applications.

Spirit-NOPA-VISIR delivering unprecedented performance for 3-photon imaging:

In combination with our industry-proven Spirit platform, the Spirit-NOPA-VISIR provides an ideal platform for 3-photon excitation microscopy. Spirit-NOPA-VISIR comprises two amplification stages. The first amplification stage is non-collinear, which generates broad bandwidth, and the second amplification stage is collinear, which enables a broad tuning range.

Spirit-NOPA-VISIR provides a broadly tunable output of ultrashort pulses with a tuning range of 650 nm to 900 nm (signal) and 1200 nm to 2500 nm (idler), including key wavelengths for deep-tissue, 3-photon imaging. Optionally, the signal output can be compressed to <70 fs using an external prism-based compressor unit, and the idler output to <100 fs, using an integrated bulk compressor. When pumped by a Spirit ultrafast laser with up to 60 W and at a repetition rate of up to 2 MHz, the Spirit-NOPA-VISIR enables unprecedented performance for 3-photon imaging.

Spirit-NOPA-3H, Spirit-NOPA-2H, and Spirit-NOPA-IR for ultrashort pulses from UV to IR:

Spirit-NOPA-3H includes a built-in third harmonic generator and its output is tunable from 500 nm to 900 nm with a pulse width as short as sub-30 fs and an output energy up to >0.5 μJ.

Spirit-NOPA-2H includes a built-in second harmonic generator, to convert the Spirit IR beam to 520 nm. The output of the Spirit-NOPA-2H is tunable from 650 nm to 900 nm with a pulse width as short as sub-30 fs and an output energy up to >3 μJ.

Spirit-NOPA is fully computer controlled to allow for easy wavelength tunability. Its built-in bandwidth selector and integrated computer controlled compressor provide a pulse width agility unmatched by other ultrafast laser technologies.