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Mai Tai DeepSee


  • Delivers the highest peak power to the sample while obtaining the most fluorescence signals
  • Shortest pulses for lowest photodamage and photobleaching

The Mai Tai® DeepSee™ Ti:Sapphire oscillator with our patented automated dispersion compensation1 has been specifically optimized for use in multiphoton microscopy. The Mai Tai DeepSee laser delivers the industry's highest peak power to the sample thus maximizing the fluorescence signal.

In addition, the Mai Tai DeepSee laser offers over 2.4 W of average power and 350 nm (690-1040 nm) in useable tuning range. For access to longer wavelengths beyond 1040 nm, Spectra-Physics offers InSight™ X3™ with the widest tuning range (680-1300 nm) for deepest in vivo imaging.

The Mai Tai DeepSee oscillator's reliability is maintained through the ultra-stable regenerative mode locking technique developed by Spectra-Physics. With hands free, drop-out free wavelength tuning, excitation profiles can be quickly collected with just the click of a mouse. StabiLok® real-time monitoring technology also enhances system reliability by providing excellent beam pointing stability and minimal average power fluctuations, as well as eliminating wavelength drift. These two features make the Mai Tai DeepSee oscillator the most reliable and most versatile hands-free laser currently on the market.

1. The automated dispersion compensation technology in this product is protected by US patent number 7,962,046.