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Inspire IR


  • Wide, gap-free tuning from
    1000 nm to 1550 nm
  • Accepts a wide range of pump wavelengths
  • Highest output power in the near IR
  • Fully-automated, computer-controlled tuning

The Spectra-Physics® Inspire™ IR OPO delivers a wide, gap-free tuning range from 1000 nm to 1580 nm. Pumped with the Mai Tai® HP ultrafast Ti:Sapphire laser, the system also provides exceptionally high power across the full range. The Inspire IR OPO features user-friendly, computer-controlled tuning in a sealed hands-free package. The system’s robust design ensures high stability and insensitivity to ambient temperature change.

The Inspire IR OPO offers:

  • Two output ports available: signal output (1000–1550 nm with >900 mW at the peak) and fundamental output (690–1040 nm with >1 W)
  • Synchronized output from two output ports—ideal for applications requiring more than one wavelength such as CARS
  • Fully-automated hands-free wavelength tuning complete with automated cavity alignment to maintain optimal power and pulse durations

Wide, gap-free wavelength coverage make the Inspire IR OPO the next-generation OPO for developing cutting-edge imaging and spectroscopy applications.