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  • High pulse energy (>500 nJ) at high repetition rate (10 MHz)
  • High peak power (2.2 MW)
  • Compact and reliable, turn-key operation
  • Proven, dependable performance in 24/7 operation

femtoTrain™ is a family of compact, reliable and true turn-key fixed-wavelength femtosecond oscillator for medical, bio-imaging and other applications. The new femtoTrain 1040-5 offers short pulse widths below 200 fs and high average power of 5 W to deliver 2.2 MW of peak power. As a compact, reliable and true turn-key fixed-wavelength femtosecond laser, femtoTrain is ideal for medical and bio-imaging applications in general, and specifically for photoactivation in optogenetics.

femtoTrain is specifically designed for applications that require high pulse energy and peak power at a high repetition rate. This laser allows fast scanning or process speeds with a repetition rate of 10 MHz and pulse energy of >500 nJ. The femtoTrain platform is optimized for low noise and outstanding long-term stability and is the ideal laser source for sensitive bio-imaging and micro-surgery applications. The pulse is near-transform limited and thus does not need dispersion pre-compensation.

femtoTrain is developed, designed and manufactured with high reliability and quality in mind. The laser is equipped with long life diodes and features a sealed optical cavity, manufactured in a clean room production environment. The result is a dependable laser with long lifetime, high uptime and low cost of ownership. With direct diode pumping technology and an ultra-stable optical cavity design, femtoTrain offers easy-to-use and proven 24/7 operation.