Vantage TLB-7100


  • Narrow linewidth
  • Wide and fine tuningy
  • Magnetic damping for mechanical stability
  • Automatic laser head recognition
  • Tuning arm viewing window

The Vantage TLB-7100 Tunable Diode Laser is the latest addition to the New Focus™ family of lasers. An external cavity diode laser, the Vantage adopts the popular Littrow design to offer higher power at a variety of wavelengths to meet your experimental needs. Each laser unit is optimized to a user specified wavelength to deliver top performance and mode-hop-free piezo tuning while providing the option to manually coarse tune to another wavelength. The narrow linewidth measured over 50 ms, exceptional mode-hop-free tuning range, and power and wavelength stability make the Vantage a first in class Littrow.

The Vantage TLB-7100 comes standard with the premium low noise TLB-6800-LN controller with laser head recognition to automatically set the diode temperature and current upper limit to ensure maximum performance and diode lifetimes. The TLB-6800-LN includes an internal function generator, variable piezo gain, USB and RS232 communication, feed forward capability, and intuitive digital interface with real buttons to make your lab life easy.


Atomic spectroscopy
Laser cooling
Atomic clocks
Quantum applications
ModelTuning Range (Wide)2Mode-Hope Free
Tuning Range (Fine)
Output Power
TLB-7102-01 392–400 nm 10 GHz (5 pm) 15 mW @ 397nm  
TLB-7102-02 421–423 nm 5 GHz (3 pm) 10 mW @ 423 nm  
TLB-7104-01 671–673 nm 15 GHz (20 pm) 20 mW @ 671 nm  
TLB-7104-02 650–659 nm 10 GHz (15 pm) 15 mW @ 655 nm  
TLB-7113-02 695–703 nm 10 GHz (15 pm 25 mw @ 702 nm  
TLB-7113-01 765–782 nm 50 GHz (100 pm) 90 mW @ 780 nm  
TLB-7115-01 830–867 nm 50 GHz (120 pm) 90 mW @ 852 nm  
TLB-7115-02 895–920 nm 50 GHz (130 pm) 20 mW @ 895 nm  
TLB-7121-01 1051–1075 nm 15 GHz (90 pm) 50 mW @ 1060 nm  
Linewidth <300 kHz (integrated over 50 ms)   
Wavelength Stability 2 pm (over 1 hour ±2⁰C)  
Power Stability <1% (over 1 hour ±2⁰C)  
Fine Tuning Resolution3 0.01% of full PZT tuning range  
Fine Tuning Resolution3 0.01% of full PZT tuning range  
Fine-Frequency Modulation Bandwidth >100 Hz (100% amplitude)
1.5 kHz (20% amplitude)
Fine Frequency Modulation Bandwidth (internal generator) 0.1–100 Hz (100% amplitude)  
Current Modulation Bandwidth DC-1 MHz (through controller)
50 kHz-100 MHz (directly to diode)4
Longitudinal Mode Single  
Transverse Mode TEM00  
Beam Pointing Stability <50 µrad (±2⁰C)  
Beam Size, typical 2–4 mm  
Beam Ellipticity, typical 1:1–3:1  
Polarization Vertical  
Optical Output Free-space  
User Interface Controller front panel, RS-232, USB  
Power Supply Requirement 100-240 VAC (50-60 Hz), power consumption <170 W
Environment Temperature, operating 15-30⁰C  
Environment Temperature, storage 0-50⁰C  
Environment Humidity Non-condensing  

1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.
2. Manual wide tuning and PZT fine tuning. Contact us for all available wavelengths. Specifications guaranteed when factory optimized.
    Select optimized wavelength within tuning range to 0.01 nm in vacuum and contact us for power at specific wavelength.
3. Resolution is 10 mV in PZT (0.01% of full PZT tuning range) through controller front panel or command. When tuning PZT using an external voltage
    source through External Frequency Modulation input, resolution is dependent on voltage source.
4. Current modulation directly to diode through laser head SMA port.

Vantage TLB-7100 Dimensions

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