• High uptime
  • Industry leading diode life
  • Short and long pulse widths available
  • Field serviceable
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Excellent pulse-to-pulse stability

The Spectra-Physics® Navigator™ DPSS lasers deliver excellent beam quality and high intensity pulses, and offer a wide range of pulse widths and repetitions rates. Navigator Q-switched lasers are either water or air cooled. Their end-pumped technology produces a Gaussian beam profile that can be focused to very small spot sizes for precision processing of sub-µm features.

The Navigator lasers’ compact, reliable, and field-proven design make this laser family ideal for many industrial applications in solar and microelectronics processing.


 1064 nm532 nm  
PowerShort PulseLong PulseShort PulseLong Pulse  
3 W       Navigator 532-3Y  
4 W     Navigator 532-4 Navigator 532-4Y  
5 W Navigator 1064-5        
6 W   Navigator 1064-6Y      
7 W   Navigator 1064-7Y      
9 W     Navigator 532-9    
12 W   Navigator 1064-12Y      

The Navigator design focuses on high uptime and easy serviceability through:

  • Unique diode modules and fibers that can be easily replaced in the field.
  • Diodes that last up to double the industry average.
  • Unique field-replaceable laser output window to allow operation in typical industrial environments which are subject to contamination and airborne particulates generated from the ablation process.
  • Field-replaceable harmonic modules for 532 nm mean fewer spare parts required, a lower cost of ownership and shorter mean time to repair (MTTR).

Ease of Use

A Graphical User Interface (J-Win) enables easy access to the many advanced features that are accessible through RS-232 Serial Communication. Both analog and TTL inputs for precisely timed gating and synchronized laser pulses.


The Navigator Q-switched laser’s strong track record and installed base around the world, combined with attention to laser design, testing, global service and support make it the laser of choice for solar cell and microelectronics manufacturing applications, where high uptime is critical. Navigator key features include:

  • Compact Size – for ease of integration
  • Modular Design – for easy field service, including:
    • Plug and play harmonic modules – laser head can be separated into the IR cavity and harmonic module (for 532 nm), allowing you to easily switch among wavelengths and to isolate key wear mechanisms in an easily replaceable module
    • Field replaceable laser output window – corrects for burn spots caused by airborne particulates generated from the ablation process
    • Field replaceable diode/fiber assembly – diode/fiber can be easily replaced in the field, without requiring costly tool re-alignment or system downtime
    • Field replaceable shutters
    • Interchangeable laser head and power supply
  • User Friendly – clear, logical command structure and easy graphical user interface make the Navigator quick and easy to integrate

Proven Application

Spectra-Physics Q-Switched DPPS lasers have been designed for micromachining applications in a 24/7 manufacturing environment. Founded in 1961, Spectra-Physics has shipped thousands of lasers into the key industrial markets where 24/7 system operation and the demand for system uptime makes product reliability a key element in laser selection.

  • Microelectronics: processing and repair of semiconductors, flat panel displays, PCBs, LEDs, electronic packages, storage media, etc.
  • Solar: scribing, drilling, doping, marking, dicing etc. of photovoltaic cells and modules

Reliable by Design

Spectra-Physics industrial lasers have a number of unique design features that significantly increase the both laser life and uptime. Our diodes typically last twice the industry average. The lasers’ modular design isolates known wear components and key failure mechanisms into small components (such as diodes, fibers, output window, shutters, and harmonic modules) that are easy to change in the field without costly tool realignment. This lowers service inventory holding costs while shortening mean time to repair (MTTR).

Our proprietary optical alignment system (EternAlign™) and rugged laser housing virtually eliminate alignment failures that can occur with vibration and shock during shipping. The sealed laser resonator and unique filtration system (ALPS) significantly extends the life of the laser by keeping the air inside the laser clean, dry, and free of volatile organic compounds from out-gassing.

And finally our automatic data logging software monitors all key laser performance parameters over the life of the laser, providing a powerful service feature and product reliability tool.

Quality and Reliability Processes

Our quality and reliability efforts lead the industry, including:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Supplier Consolidation & Partnerships
  • Customer & Product Focused Reliability Improvement Plans
  • Continuous Improvement Process
  • Failure Analysis & Corrective Actions
  • Quality Issue Escalation
  • Metrology
  • Customer Audits
  • Laser Cavity Contamination Reduction
  • Compliance Certification
  • Product Life Cycle Control
  • Design FMEA methodology
  • On Time Delivery
  • New Product Qualification & Reliability Testing
  • Return Material Management
  • Thorough Final Testing
  • Headroom & Process Control
  • QMS Maturity & Maintenance

Superior Service

Our renowned global service and support organization is comprised of a staff of friendly, experienced, and responsive laser experts. We offer a wide range of available service products including:

  • Spare parts
  • System repair
  • System refurbishment
  • Extended warranties
  • Training

With our commitment to quality and reliability, Spectra-Physics Q-switched DPSS lasers offer the best in industrial reliability—higher uptime, lower mean time to repair (MTTR), and lower cost of ownership.


Resistor trimming
Ablating material on PCBs and PCB structuring
Cutting PCBs and films
Ceramic scribing
Diamond processing
IC package marking
Marking on various metals and plastics
Thin film scribing and photovoltaic manufacturing
Wafer marking
Output CharacteristicsNavigator 1064-12YNavigator 1064-7YNavigator 1064-6YNavigator 1064-5  
Part Number J80-YHP70-106Q J40-Y70SC-106Q J40-X30SC-106Q J40-BL6-106Q  
Average Power 12 W 6.5 W 6 W 5 W  
M2 <1.15  
Repetition Rate, nominal 10 kHz 10 kHz 10 kHz 35 kHz  
Pulse Width <80 ns 70–110 ns 30–40 ns <8.5 ns  
Detailed Specifications Navigator 1064-12Y IR Laser Data Sheet Navigator 1064-7Y IR Laser Data Sheet Navigator 1064-6Y IR Laser Data Sheet Navigator 1064-5 IR Laser Data Sheet  
 Navigator 532-4YNavigator 532-4Navigator 532-3Y  
Part Number J40-Y70SC-532Q J40-X15SC-532Q J40-X30SC-532Q  
Average Power 3 W 4 W 3 W  
M2 <1.2 <1.2 <1.2  
Repetition Rate (nominal) 7.5 kHz 20 kHz 10 kHz  
Pulse Width 70–110 ns <15 ns 25–35 ns  
Detailed Specifications Navigator 532-4Y Green Laser Data Sheet Navigator 532-4 Green Laser Data Sheet Navigator 532-3Y Green Laser Data Sheet  

Navigator 1064-12Y Dimensions

Navigator 1064-7Y Dimensions

Navigator 1064-7 and Navigator 1064-6Y Dimensions

Navigator 532-9 and Navigator 532-6Y Dimensions

Navigator 532-4 and Navigator 532-3Y Dimensions

Navigator 532-3 Dimensions

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