premiScan OPO Series


  • 355 nm and 532 nm pump models
  • Wide wavelength coverage from 410 nm to 2.63 µm
  • Linewidths of 10–500 cm-1 with broadband option
  • Linewidths of 2–6 cm-1 with mid-band option

Scan Series Nanosecond OPO Family

The Spectra-Physics® Scan series OPO family is German engineered by our partner firm GWU to offer superior performance in a compact, rugged package. With three series to choose from—the entry-level basiScan, versatile versaScan and premier premiScan—the Scan series will meet a wide range of budgets and requirements.

The Scan series OPOs offer the lowest pump thresholds on the market making them the most efficient and robust OPOs available. Lower pump fluences result in longer lifetimes for the internal components, especially the BBO crystal. And, the BBO crystals are coated with a special “p-coating”— a layer that protects the crystal surface from degradation due to environmental effects. No sealed housing unit is required, greatly reducing cost and extra optics in the OPO beam path. The simple cavity design requires very little maintenance. Because the Scan series is so simple to operate, training at installation is typically sufficient for customers with no laser experience to operate and maintain the Scan series OPOs.

premiScan OPO Series – Premium nanosecond OPOs

The premiScan OPO series is the pinnacle of compact OPO design. This best-in-class OPO delivers the highest efficiencies and beam quality throughout the entire tuning range. By using a seamless two-crystal swapping design, the premiScan optimizes the efficiencies at the wings without compromising performance in the center of the range. And, when coupled with the uvScan doubler, the premiScan offers the widest single scan range.

The premiScan OPO comes standard with either broadband (BB), high energy broadband (HE), or midband (MB) options and is also available with an ultra low divergence option (ULD) that delivers a low divergence round beam from the OPO. The premiScan is also standard with built-in separation optics to separate signal from idler. Other options include motor driven automation with ScanMaster 3.2 software and an external lambdaScan wavemeter. Pump energies as high as 650 mJ can be used allowing the OPO to be pumped by the Quanta-Ray Lab and Pro Nd:YAG lasers.


Materials analysis
Spectroscopy of spectrally broad features
Laser-induced fluorescence
Remote sensing
Multiphoton interactions
Combustion studies
Medical and biological processes
Photoacoustic imaging
ModelGroove DensityGrating LengthTuning RangeLinewidthEfficiency  
PrecisionScan-G 1800 lines/mm5 60 mm 400–920 nm 3.6 pm 0.10 cm-1(1) 30%1  
2400 lines/mm5 60 mm 370–760 nm 2.7 pm 0.08 cm-1(2) 30%2  
3000 lines/mm 60 mm 370–620 nm 2.0 pm 0.06 cm-1(2) 30%2  
PrecisionScan-LG 1800 lines/mm5 90 mm 400–920 nm 2.4 pm 0.06 cm-1(1) 30%1  
2400 lines/mm5 90 mm 370–760 nm 1.8 pm 0.06 cm-1(2) 30%2  
3000 lines/mm 90 mm 370–620 nm 1.4 pm 0.05 cm-1(2) 30%2  
PrecisionScan-D 1800 lines/mm5 2 x 90 mm 410–900 nm 1.7 pm3 0.05 cm-1(1) 27%1  
2400 lines/mm5 2 x 90 mm 370–710 nm 1.2 pm3 0.04 cm-1(2) 27%2  
3000 lines/mm 2 x 90 mm 370–580 nm 1.0 pm3 0.03 cm-1(2) 27%2  
Absolute Wavelength Accuracy <15 pm  
Wavelength Resetability <2 pm  
Wavelength Stability <1.5 pm/°C  
Divergence (typical) 0.4 mrad  
Polarization >98%, vertical  
ASE <0.5%  
Pump Energies (with EBP cell) 50–650 mJ @ 532 nm (800 mJ)4
50–400 mJ @ 355 nm (500 mJ)4
Pump Energies (with second main amplifier) 300–1400 mJ @ 532 nm
300–1000 mJ @ 355 nm
Voltage 110–230 V, single phase, 50 Hz/60 Hz  
Computer Single USB Port  
Operating System Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista (32 bit)  

1. 3–6 cm-1 for Spectra-Physics Quanta-Ray pump lasers, 2–4 cm-1 for Quanta-Ray lasers with injection seeding.
2. Energy specifications valid to 10 Hz. At repetition rates above 10 Hz, the OPO performance will change. Contact Spectra-Physics for details.
3. Linewidth depends on wavelength.

premiScan Dimensions


premiScan Performance


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