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  • Wavelength coverage from
    190 nm to >11 µm
  • Spectral linewidths <0.03 cm-1
  • Patented Grating Lift option
  • High output energy, >240 mJ with Quanta-Ray Nd:YAG at
    800 mJ per pulse

Pulsed Dye Lasers

Spectra-Physics’ state-of-the-art pulsed dye laser systems are German engineered by our partner firm Sirah GmbH for precision, stability and reliability. At the heart of the laser system is a grazing incidence resonator designed to utilize the grating’s dispersion twice per oscillator round-trip, ensuring narrow linewidths with low ASE. An optional second grating can be added to the resonator for ultra-narrow linewidths below 0.03 cm-1 at 570 nm. The resonator allows narrow-line tuning over a broad tuning range without the need for an intra-cavity etalon or grating change, thus simplifying the measurement process without sacrificing performance.

The pulsed dye laser family includes options such as grating lift, removable cuvettes, touch screen remote control box, reversible cover, “look-up-table” or auto tracking frequency conversion units, kinematic pump mirror blocks, open source software and CAN bus communications, making these dye lasers the most versatile, technologically advanced lasers on the market.

Cobra-Stretch — Amplified narrow linewidth nanosecond dye lasers

The Cobra-Stretch meets output energy needs up to 250 mJ. Based on a two-stage design, the Cobra-Stretch accommodates an extra amplifier stage to obtain higher powers with either a rectangular cell or capillary amplifiers. An optional autotracking bolt-on frequency conversion unit can be used to extend the range of wavelengths. Other harmonic modules can be used to increase the tuning range even further in to the UV and IR.