• 355 nm pump models
  • Wide wavelength coverage from 410 nm to 2.5 µm
  • Linewidths of 10–500 cm-1

Scan Series Nanosecond OPO Family

The Spectra-Physics® Scan series OPO family is German engineered by our partner firm GWU to offer superior performance in a compact, rugged package. With three series to choose from—the entry-level basiScan, versatile versaScan and premier premiScan—the Scan series will meet a wide range of budgets and requirements.

The Scan series OPOs offer the lowest pump thresholds on the market making them the most efficient and robust OPOs available. Lower pump fluences result in longer lifetimes for the internal components, especially the BBO crystal. And, the BBO crystals are coated with a special “p-coating”— a layer that protects the crystal surface from degradation due to environmental effects. No sealed housing unit is required, greatly reducing cost and extra optics in the OPO beam path. The simple cavity design requires very little maintenance. Because the Scan series is so simple to operate, training at installation is typically sufficient for customers with no laser experience to operate and maintain the Scan series OPOs.

basiScan OPO Series – Low cost, entry level nanosecond OPOs

The basiScan, motorized basiScan-M and high energy basiScan HE series are low cost, easy-to-use, entry level, broadband OPOs. They are suitable for most biology and chemistry applications where larger linewidths are acceptable. Options include motorized control, external separation optics to separate the signal and idler, and an external wavemeter. Pump energies as high as 280 mJ can be used allowing the OPO to be pumped by the Quanta-Ray® INDI, Lab and Pro Nd:YAG lasers.


Materials analysis
Spectroscopy of spectrally broad features
Laser-induced fluorescence
Remote sensing
Multiphoton interactions
Combustion studies
Medical and biological processes
Photoacoustic imaging
basiScan / basiScan-M120280HE 120HE 280  
Maximum Pump Energy 120 mJ 280 mJ 120 mJ 280 mJ  
Pulse Energy Max (S) 26 mJ 60 mJ 42 mJ 95 mJ  
Pulse Energy Max (S+I) 45 mJ 105 mJ 59 mJ 138 mJ  
Linewidth2 10–450 cm-1 10–500 cm-1  
OPO Pulse Width 0–3 ns < pump  
Repetition Rate 0–30 Hz 0–10 Hz1 0–30 Hz 0–20 Hz  
Tuning Range 410–2500 nm  
Beam Divergence 3–8 mrad 4–10 mrad  
Beam Diameter <5.5 mm <8 mm <5.5 mm <8 mm  

1. Up to 30 Hz allowed if pump powers do not exceed 3.5 W.
2. Linewidth depends on wavelength.

basiScan Dimensions

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