• High power, Quasi-CW UV output up to 2.5 W
  • High power, mode-locked 532 nm output up to 2 W
  • Outstanding power stability
  • Ultra-low noise
  • Near diffraction-limited TEM00 output

Vanguard mode-locked 355 and 532 nm lasers are designed for OEM industrial applications. Pulse repetition rates are 80 MHz with <13 ps pulse width. These quasi-CW lasers offer a superior solid state alternative to replace CW gas lasers. They deliver ultra-low noise, near diffraction limited TEM00 output in a rugged industrial platform. The Vanguard 355 nm laser is a frequency-tripled Nd:YVO4 laser, designed to bring solid-state reliability and low cost of ownership to applications such as wafer inspection, laser direct imaging, and picosecond machining. The Vanguard 532 nm laser is ideal for synchronous pumping of dye lasers.


Wafer inspection
LED processing
Photovoltaic scribing
Cell sorting
Laser direct imaging
Micro-material processing
Solar cell processing
Polyimide cutting and drilling
 Vanguard 355-2500Vanguard 355-350Vanguard 532-2000  
Wavelength 355 nm 355 nm 532 nm  
Power 2.5 W 350 mW 2 W  
Repetition Rate 80 MHz ±2 MHz  
Spatial Mode TEM00  
M2 <1.2 <1.2 <1.3  
Far Field Divergence, full angle <1 mrad  
Beam Diameter (1/e²) 1.0 mm nominal 1.0 mm nominal 1.4 mm nominal  
Beam Pointing Stability <25 µrad/°C  
Beam Ellipticity <20% far field  
Average Power Stability <2%  
Amplitude Noise <1% rms, 10 Hz to 2 MHz  
Polarization Ratio >100:1 vertical  
Cold Turn-on Time (AC off to full power) <30 min  
Cold Turn-on Time (AC off to full specs) <1 hr  
Temperature Range 20–27°C  
Laser Head Cooling Water cooled Air cooled  

1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.
2. Vanguard is a Class IV – High-Power Laser, whose beam is, by definition, a safety and fire hazard. Take precautions to prevent exposure to direct and reflected  
    beams. Diffuse as well as specular reflections can cause severe skin or eye damage.

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