• Cavity stabilized single longitudinal mode
  • Exceptional wavelength and power stability
  • All solid-state with a tiny footprint
  • Up to 100 MHz diode current modulation

The SWL-7500 series lasers offer extremely narrow linewidth in an OEM-ready platform designed for stability, longevity and single longitudinal mode performance at a fixed wavelength. With a footprint that is smaller than a business card, the laser will fit in most instrument architectures with room to spare. We have carefully designed the SWL-7500 for long-term power stability and minimal frequency drift ideal for imaging, metrology, and spectroscopic measurements. An SMA port on the laser head allows direct to diode current modulation up to 100 MHz. Options include free-space, optically isolated, and fiber-coupled outputs. High coupling efficiency into the fiber guarantees there is power to spare with exceptional mode quality. Each fiber-coupled unit also features an integral optical isolator which provides >35 dB of isolation to guarantee continuous single-mode performance. The SWL-7500 laser is paired with a compact, low-noise controller with RS-232 and USB interfacing and an easy to use GUI.


Raman imaging and spectroscopy
Terahertz generation 
Data encryption
Output Power
Output Power
SWL-7504 632.5–635 nm 8 mW @ 633 nm 4 mW @ 633 nm  
SWL-7505 650–660 nm 20 mW @ 660 nm 5 mW @ 660 nm  
SWL-7509 682–692 nm 8 mW @ 687 nm 3 mW @ 687 nm  
SWL-7513 765–785 nm 70 mW @ 780 nm, 785 nm 35 mW @ 780 nm, 785 nm  
SWL-7517 847–852 nm 50 mW @ 852 nm 15 mW @ 852 nm  
SWL-7521 1060–1065 nm 70 mW @ 1064 nm 20 mW @ 1064 nm  
SWL-7528 1535–1550 nm 30 mW @ 1550 nm 15 mW @ 1550 nm  
SWL-7530 1600–1617 nm 30 mW @ 1600 nm 15 mW @ 1600 nm  
ASE (at maximum power) >-65 dBc (typical)  
Side Mode Suppression Ratio <-50 dBc (typical)  
Linewidth <200 kHz (50 ms integration time)  
Wavelength Stability ±1.5 pm  (over 8 hour ΔT 10°C)  
Power Stability <2% (over 8 hour ΔT 10°C)   
Current Modulation Bandwidth 50 kHz–100 MHz (directly to diode)  
Longitudinal Mode 0.1–100 Hz (100% amplitude)  
Current Modulation Bandwidth DC-1 MHz (through controller)
50 kHz-100 MHz (directly to diode)3
Longitudinal Mode Single  
Transverse Mode TEM 00  
Beam Pointing Stability < 50 µrad (±2⁰C)  
Beam Size, typical  1-2 mm  
Beam Ellipticity, typical 1:1–2:1  
Polarization4 Vertical  
Optical Output5 Free-space, optically-isolated, fiber-coupled  
User Interface RS232, USB  
Power Supply Requirement 100–240 VAC (50–60 Hz), power consumption <30 W
Environment Temperature, operating 10–40°C  
Environment Temperature, storage 0-50⁰C  
Environment Humidity Non-condensing  

1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice. 
2. Single non-tunable wavelength. Specify to 0.01 nm in vacuum. Contact us for all available wavelengths. 
3. Current modulation directly to diode through laser head SMA port. 
4. Free space (without isolator) output is vertical linearly polarized with respect to laser head base. Output with optical isolator is 45 degrees with
    respect to laser head base.
5. Optically-isolated option includes an 35 dB optical isolator with approximately 75% power transmission. Fiber-coupled option includes isolator and
    Panda-type PM fiber with FC/APC connector for laser output. Wide-type alignment key aligned with the slow axis of the PM fiber. This configuration is
    applicable to the input configuration for the VampTM tapered amplifier products. Dual stage isolation and other fiber types and connectors available
    upon request.

SWL-7500 Dimensions

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